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A Feast of Feasts

Nathan Garvin
Scott Peers

This quest begins as a kingdom event near the beginning of chapter 2 - Monster Invasion. Linzi will request an audience with the baron in the throne room. When you meet her there, she will express her desire to attempt to cheer up Ekundayo. Her proposed method is by hosting a surprise feast for him. You can refuse this outright, but where’s the fun in that? Agree with Linzi to help in the preparations, and let the fun begin.

The first thing you will need to do is visit the tavern in the main square of your capital. There you should speak with the innkeeper, Elina, who is more than happy to assist by preparing food and drink of the finest quality. She is also eager to serve guests directly during the feast, and asserts that this will come at no personal cost for the baron. Go through the motions of the dialogue until you reach the point of deciding upon a venue.

Elina thinks that her tavern is the best place to host the feast. However, at this suggestion a woman named Ntavi (an old travelling companion of Ekun’s) will intervene, insisting that Ekundayo will not want to spend such an occasion indoors, and would prefer the woodland, where he might feel more at home. She suggests the nearby royal hunting grounds as an appropriate location.

To reach the hunting grounds from your capital, take the following directions:

  • West
  • West
  • North
  • North

(1 of 2) The location of the Hunting Grounds in relation to your capital.

The location of the Hunting Grounds in relation to your capital. (left), You'll find Ntavi and Elina preparing the feast at the southeast of the map. (right)

You will arrive in the hunting grounds from the southwest. From here, head directly east until you reach the other end of the map. Here you will find Ntavi resting on the ground, while Elina is preparing food to the north. Approach either of them to begin a dialogue and earn 135 Experience. Ekundayo is stunned when he sees Ntavi, leaving you with three dialogue options of encouragement. Each one results in the same outcome: the beginning of the feast!

At this point around 3 hours will pass, at the end of which you will be able to speak with Ekundayo. You’ll find him directly to the west of the central campfire. Speak with him and wait for Elina to leave. At this point you can claim that the idea was yours all along (a Chaotic Neutral action), praise Linzi for coming up with it on her own, or state that it was a team effort involving Linzi, Elina, and Ntavi.

As the conversation progresses, you’ll have an opportunity to earn 67 Experience by succeeding at a Diplomacy 17 check when persuading Ekundayo to drink some wine. You’ll earn a further 33 Experience by probing Ekundayo to open up about his feelings with two Diplomacy 18 checks, or one Diplomacy 22 check. After this, encourage Ekundayo to embrace moments of joy (dialogue option 2) to earn 225 Experience. After this you can question Ekundayo about his relationship with Ntavi and end the conversation at your will.

After your conversation with Ekundayo, speak with Ntavi, who can be found southeast of the central fire. Ask any burning questions that you might have, then ask about a favour that she requested earlier. She’ll ask for a bottle of wine, but reserves the right not to tell you why, unless you succeed at a Diplomacy 22 check earning you 67 Experience. Either way, you’ll find the bottle of wine by speaking with Elina. Once acquired, return to Ntavi to earn 180 Experience.

At this point Ntavi will ask Elina for a bottle opener to get rid of her, before running off with Ekundayo. You can now speak with Linzi and ask her to begin a performance, at which point Ekyndayo and Ntavi will return. A number of inconsequential dialogue options will follow, and at the end of the performance you’ll be able to persuade Ekundayo to finally name his dog, earning you 975 Experience. At this the quest will end, and you’ll be teleported back to your capital.


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