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The Caster - Level by Level Stats

Nathan Garvin

On the main page for The Caster you’ll find information about various build information you need to know when first creating your character, while on this page you’ll find a level-by-level guide to advancing them, and information on how the character’s playstyle will change over time, when applicable. For the sake of brevity, we’ll base this information based on the build we used and we won’t quibble too much over minor variations which are possible.

The Caster Starting Characteristics
Strength 7
Dexterity 14
Constitution 14
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 11
Charisma 19
Race Human
Alignment Chaotic Good
Level Class Feats/Class Abilities Spells Misc.
1 Sorcerer {Sylvan Sorcerer} Animal Companion: Leopard, Spell Focus: Conjuration, Point-Blank Shot, Greater Spell Focus: Conjuration Grease, Mage Armor
2 Sorcerer
3 Sorcerer Spell Focus: Evocation Magic Missile Entangle (Sorcerer Bonus)
4 Sorcerer Glitterdust
5 Sorcerer Spell Specialization Reduce Person, Sense Vitals Hideous Laughter (Sorcerer Bonus), Spell Specialization (Magic Missile)
6 Sorcerer Haste
7 Sorcerer Spell Focus: Transmutation, Precise Shot True Strike, Scorching Ray. Stinking Cloud Deep Slumber (Sorcerer Bonus), Spell Specialization (Stinking Cloud)
8 Sorcerer Animate Dead
9 Sorcerer Weapon Focus: Ray Mirror Image, Slow, Obsidian Flow Poison (Sorcerer Bonus)
10 Sorcerer Baleful Polymorph
Level Attributes
1 Str 7, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 11, Cha 19
4 Cha 20
8 Cha 21
12 Cha 22
16 Cha 23
20 Cha 24
Knowledge (Arcana) (max) Lore (Nature) (max) Persuasion (max)

The Caster is a relatively simple build with only two real design hooks:1) be a competent caster of a selection of arcane spells and 2) have a powerful pet that serves as a secondary warrior. This might seem like modest goals, but the value of having a high-powered arcane caster in your party with a pet that’ll rival your warriors for most of the game can’t be overstated. It’s basically getting two characters in one, and since Octavia’s the only real competition for your (mostly) dedicated arcane caster, it’s an easy role to excel in.

There’s no real need for a level-by-level analysis of this build; you’ll start as a Sylvan Sorcerer, you’ll end as a Sylvan Sorcerer. You’ll get your pet at 1st-level, and it’ll grow with you as you level up. Even your skill point and attribute points are static - drop the former in three of your four class skills (Knowledge (Arcana), Lore (Nature) and Persuasion (max)) and the latter into Charisma. Cake.

As for feats and spells, the three schools you’re most interested in are Conjuration (Grease, Glitterdust, Stinking Cloud, Cloudkill, etc.), Transmutation (Slow, Obsidian Flow, Baleful Polymorph, Disintegrate, etc.) and Evocation (Magic Missile, Chain Lightning, and Stormbolts). Conjuration will give you useful debuffs (mostly early-game), Transmutation will give you buffs, debuffs and an excellent direct damage ray spell, and Evocation, while starting slow, will provide several late-game damage dealing spells.

Early on you’ll mostly stick to buffs and debuffs, using your high Charisma and Spell Focus: Conjuration to good effect with spells like Grease, Glitterdust and Stinking Cloud, all of which are incredibly useful at the levels you obtain them. As you start nearing levels in the double digits, however, you’ll pivot towards Transmutation, picking up Spell Focus in it, Weapon Focus: Ray for both Disintegrate and Dazzling Display… and the odd Baleful Polymorph to completely neutralize foes doesn’t hurt, either. Finally, you’ll start investing in Evocation and specializing more in direct damage dealing spells like Chain Lightning and eventually Stormbolts.


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