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An Ancient Curse, Part Three

Nathan Garvin

Walkthrough for the quest An Ancient Curse, Part 3 in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

An Ancient Curse, Part 3 will begin immediately after An Ancient Curse, Part 2 ends, although it’ll be 260 days before this third quest expires. Just like the last two, An Ancient Curse, Part 3 won’t really have any active parts until there are only 28 days left on the timer, at which point you’ll get a warning via the event The Ancient Curse is Upon Us. Heed it, as with 14 days left on the counter you’ll get a far more menacing event; The Legendary Scourge. You must deal with this immediately, as you’ll suffer Kingdom Stat loss if you ignore it - the longer you ignore it, the more harm it’ll do. Once an advisor successfully resolves it, you need not worry about it again.

After The Legendary Scourge has been resolved, rest up, assemble your party, then head to Bald Hilltop.

Battle at Bald Hilltop III

This battle shouldn’t be too bad, after all the trouble you went through during Season of Bloom. You’ll again face multiple waves of foes, with new enemies appearing as old waves are depleted:

  • Dweomanticores and Venomanticores
  • Dweomerwyverns
  • Dweomerowlbears and Moray

(1 of 3) The first waves of enemies include manticore and wyvern variants, both of which are push-overs.

The first two waves are utter push-overs, just there to distract you and waste time until the final three enemies show up - a Black Dweomerowlbear, a Purple Dweomerowlbear and a fey named Moray. This nereid is a 4th-level Sorcerer with a relatively high Armor Class and Damage Reduction - if you completed the errand The Lonely Hunter, you probably encountered similar foes, although those fey didn’t have owlbears to distract you.

The owlbears are, as always, bruisers. They hit hard and have a high Attack Bonus, and the illusions these ones come with will make them somewhat sturdy unless you strip them with Glitterdust or similar magics. While this is a good idea in general, it’ll also debilitate Moray, whom you should prioritize. As dangerous as the owlbears are, Moray is more troublesome, as she can hinder you with both spells and spittle, and a character fighting owlbears at a disadvantage is in trouble. In addition, she can and probably will summon a Huge Water Elemental to complicate matters - all kinds of reasons to focus on her.

Cut down Moray, then finish off the owlbears and any other stragglers. Skin your victims and pry a Ring of Protection +3 off her corpse.

Return to the capital and when the timer expires on the quest you’ll have another meeting with your advisors, who will reward you with 8,600 gold if you cleared the enemies at Bald Hilltop in person. An Ancient Curse, Part 3 will finally ends, and [An Ancient Curse, Part 4] will begin.


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