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Chapter 1 - Trailing Tartuccio and the Stag Lord

Chapter 1 - Trailing Tartuccio and the Stag Lord

Abandoned Hut

Travel: Abandoned Hut

To reach the Abandoned Hut from the Oak-That-Strayed area is fairly simple; merely head in a westerly direction twice. If you didn’t discover the Oak-That-Strayed, however, the full route from Oleg’s Trading Post is as follows:

Southwest to reach landmark: empty node east of Oak-That-Strayed

Note: From the empty node east of the Oak-That-Strayed you can venture south, then east to have a chance at discovering the Old Oak area. It’s not worth exploring yet, however, as the powerful Troll that lurks in the area is probably more than you can handle right now.

Exploring the Abandoned Hut

From the southwestern edge of the area (where you arrive) head east to find the Guardian of the Bloom, ghostly as ever. Follow her as she solemnly walks to the northwest and continue past her to witness a ghostly, father-son bonding scene play out. After the scene ends, pass a Perception (DC 8) check to loot a nearby crate, inside of which you’ll find a Potion of Enlarge Person and some trinkets.

Shortly after entering the area you'll see some ghostly images play out an old act of cruelty.
Defeat some Ferocious Wolves on a hill - fighting them all at once is not advised if you can bottleneck them.
While you'll find Nugrah's Old Notes in an old well.
Search some stones to find an Ancient Rostland Coin.

Continue northwest until the path forks, at which turn southwest, then south to find a pair of Ferocious Wolves. Cut them down, then search a nearby well to find Nugrah’s Old Notes - the writings of the Stag Lord’s father - which reveal some insights into their history. Another treasure trove can be looted with a successful Perception (DC 17) check; just be sure to save before you continue south, as it’s a rather high check and success is by no means guaranteed. If you miss it, never fret - it only contains An Ancient Rostland Coin.

Return back north to the fork, and this time continue north to witness another scene. The power balance has clearly changed abruptly, and one has to wonder where the Stag Lord received this newfound power from. Loot a sack to obtain some more valuables, including a Potion of Vanish, then turn southeast to reunite with the Guardian of the Bloom. Ask her about the cache that was mentioned in Nugrah’s letter, which has a rather odd security measure, about the Stag Lord’s troubled past, and about what steps to take next.

Find Nugrah's Lost Note
then the Guardian of the Bloom will direct you to the Temple of the Elk.

When you’re done chatting, continue south to reach the ruins of the dwelling which gives this location its name. Southwest of the nymph’s projection you can find a poorly hidden stash (Perception DC 6) containing a Token of the Dryad, and beyond that a crate full of baubles. Next, head over near the house and search some herbs to score some Edible Moss, then muster the depths of your perception to pass a (DC 1) Perception check to reveal a stash containing Nugrah’s Lost Note near some stonework. Seems this note mentions a certain "Temple of the Elk", or the Temple of the Stag God. Surely no connection to this Stag Lord, right? In any event, it’s your next destination, but you’ll get no help from the nymph, as the location lies outside her domain.

Note: Like Ancient Rostland Coins, Tokens of the Dryad will fetch more money when sold to an antiquarian. Hold onto them until then.

Kill some more wolves near the abandoned cabin
then plunder a chest in the cabin for some choice loot.

You can go looking for this temple shortly, but first, let’s finish up this area. Continue east along the house to reach its eastern end, then turn south to reach the ruined interior. One has to wonder why the Stag Lord even cares to waste an act of arson on the crumbling ruins of the hut. Evict the Ferocious Wolf dwelling inside, then note a rather generous chest containing some quality loot, including a Potion of Aid, a Potion of Cure Light Wounds, and a Shortsword +1, among other trinkets.

Talk to Jhod

To go forward you’ll once again have to go back to Oleg’s Trading Post. Not only is it a fair enough idea to rest and recuperate, but poking blindly through the forest in search of a temple seems like a fruitless endeavor. Who knows, perhaps somebody at the trading post will know more?

Luck is once again on your side, as when you arrive at the Trading Post you’ll find a new person - Jhod Kavken - standing southwest of Oleg. Talk to him and he’ll tell you that he was "led to these wild lands by the Stag God", and whatever the motivations of this god of his, it proves beneficial to you by revealing - through Jhod - the location of the Temple of the Elk. You can continue to talk to Jhod to learn about his history if you wish, but you have all the intel you need.

When you’re ready to move on, go exit the area and look at your world map. Scroll southeast to find the Temple of the Elk which, you should notice, is just west of the Technic League Encampment. In fact, the latter is on the way to the former if you take the sensible route by crossing the river at Thorn Ford, and hence it’ll be the first target. No sense in taking two treks out there if you can manage your business in one.