This quest is acquired during Troll Trouble, the main quest of chapter 2. Visit your throne room to receive a message from a paladin named Fredero Sinnet. The man insists that Valerie be freed from any responsibilities to your kingdom, and returned to his service immediately.

The first thing you should do before anything else is speak with Valerie. If you’ve maintained good relations with her, she will most likely prefer to remain in your service. Go to your capital square and find Valerie on the map, just east of the entrance to the throne room.

Speak with Valerie and provide her with the letter from Fredero Sinnet. Regardless of your relations with her, she will state her determination not to return to Sinnet. Rather than send a message by letter, she wants to inform him in person at Oleg’s Trading post. You now have four options:

  1. “Then it’s time to visit Oleg and Svetlana.”
  2. (Chaotic Neutral) “You do know we could just ignore this letter, right?”
  3. (Lawful Evil) “What if I just throw these Paladins off my lands? I’d be well within my rights.”
  4. “We don’t have the time to bother with this.”

Option 1 is the most lucrative, facilitating a scenario in which you please Valerie, earn 240 Experience, and gain some valuable armour at the end of the quest. Option 2 will earn you 54 Experience and contribute to a Chaotic Neutral alignment, but you will still need to visit Sinnet at the trading post. The same goes for option 3, with the only difference being your preference in alignment and disapproval from Valerie. If you select option 4, you will earn 54 Experience and the quest will end.

Whatever option you choose, assuming it isn’t option 4, you will now need to visit Oleg’s Trading Post with Valerie to meet Sinnet. Be sure to take her with you and restock any essential supplies before the trip. To reach Oleg’s Trading post from your capital (default Tuskdale), take the following directions:

  • Northeast
  • North
  • Northeast
  • Northeast
  • Northwest
  • East
  • North
  • North
  • Northeast
  • Northwest
  • Northwest
  • Northwest

(1 of 2) The location of Oleg’s Trading Post, in the north of your kingdom.

The location of Oleg’s Trading Post, in the north of your kingdom. (left), You’ll find Sinnet with two guards just east of the entrance to Oleg’s Trading Post. (right)

Tip: If for any reason you forgot to stock up on essential supplies such as health potions, you will be able to do this now by purchasing them from Oleg before speaking with Sinnet.

When you reach Oleg’s Trading Post, be sure to equip Valerie with your best weapons, armor, and accessories before you do anything else. This includes transferring items from other characters where necessary. If you don’t have any Alchemist’s Fire, Acid Flask, Potion of Blur, or healing potions, you should take this opportunity to purchase some from Bokken, who you’ll find beside Oleg.

You’ll find Sinnet just east of the entrance to the trading post, accompanied by some guards. Make a hard save here and then speak with him to initiate conversation. You’ll have a number of dialogue options from this point, but all lead to the same outcome. You can ask Sinnet a number of questions regarding his intentions, but you’ll have to request that he speak with Valerie alone eventually.

The following dialogue options are of little to no consequence, aside from your own role-playing preference. Attempting to avoid conflict will only delay it, and once the time comes you will need to control Valerie in a duel against Sinnet. The main skill in Sinnet’s arsenal is Sunder Armor. This renders your armor useless, as if you weren’t wearing it, and therefore removes all bonuses. You can reduce the chances of this landing with a Potion of Blur.

Although potions such as Barkskin will be useless while you’re afflicted with Sunder Armor, you can use potions such as Bull’s Strength to give you a temporary bonus to strength, thereby enhancing your effectiveness in melee combat. You can further add to this by using an Oil of Enhancement on your weapon of choice. Sinnet has powerful defences, but these can be countered with potions such as Alchemist’s Fire and Acid Flask.

If you have enough of each, be sure to use Alchemist’s Fire and Acid Flask as often as possible, immediately after the DoT (damage over time) effect has worn off. You’ll find that Sinnet will heal himself with Lay on Hands when you inflict enough damage, so it’s important to inflict as much damage as possible in a brief window of time.

Regardless of whether Valerie wins or loses the fight, she won’t be going with Sinnet at this point. However, should you lose the fight, you can always reload that hard save recommended earlier. Once Valerie emerges victorious, you will have two options: let Sinnet go, or kill him. Valerie will approve of either, but only the latter earns you some decent equipment in the form of Full Plate +2 (11 Armor, +2 Enhancement), Heavy Shield +2 (4 Armor, +2 Enhancement), Flail +2 (10-17 Damage, +2 Enhancement), Amulet of Natural Armor +2, Ring of Protection +2, and Belt of Giant Strength +4.

After the fight, you’ll notice a permanent scar across Valerie’s face from this point on. Return to your capital and speak with Valerie to complete the quest.

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