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Fire Emblem: Awakening

Rogues and Redeemers 1

Vincent Lau


Name Class Level Items
Camus Paladin 20 Gradivus

New Units

Name Class Level Recruit
Ephraim Great Knight 20 End of mission

Strategies for all difficulties

Like with The Future Past, we recommend that you have a strong team with plenty of maxed out stats before attempting this and the following missions.

As a general rule of thumb, most units will max their stats with 50-60 Level Ups under their belt, which can be achieved, for example, by upgrading with a Master Seal, then reclassing twice with a Second Seal, all at Level 20.

Additionally, it would help loads if your characters have as many of these as possible: Brave weapons (to increase the number of attacks; some, forged), the Galeforce skill (lets you move again after killing an enemy) and good support partners (with an A or S Rank support).

Those who played Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance on the GameCube ought to recognise this map–once again you’ll be defending a ruined castle in the rain. This time you don’t have to defend a square; instead you’re thrust into an epic battle between 10 heroic green units and 30 villainous or misguided enemies.

(1 of 2) The enemy has you surrounded and there’s nowhere to run. Good stuff.

The enemy has you surrounded and there’s nowhere to run. Good stuff. (left), (right)

For an easier time, take things slowly and carefully lure out enemies, by placing your units at the edge of their attack range. This map is full of heavy-hitting, dangerous enemies, who can K.O. your maxed out characters if you’re not careful and you let them gang up on you.

Allow the green NPC units to go ahead of you, to distract the enemy and shield you from major damage. Assuming your characters are maxed out, the enemy will usually target the green units before yours, just because they’re weaker.

Chances are, before long, most of the green units will fall to the enemy, except for Ike, but they should buy you enough time.

On your first turn, pair up all your characters to create 5 pairs. Sit your strongest pair at the southern choke point, as far away from the enemy as you can. Be wary of Linus who has Counter (reflects melee damage).

Your other pairs should move slightly ahead of the green units. Any Galeforce users who can reach and kill an enemy (or two if a Galeforce pair) should do so and then run back to safety.

Right now, playing heroics is risky, so just play it safe–let the green units go all hero and get themselves killed…

(1 of 2) Even Lissa can hold her guard if well trained.

Even Lissa can hold her guard if well trained. (left), (right)

Turn 2, engage the nearby enemies. If possible, prioritise the two Wyvern Lords, so they can’t fly on over and pick off your weakened units. Watch out for Jaffar, coming in from the west, as he has Pass and Lethality, as well as Galeforce–all very dangerous skills if underlooked!

To the east, watch out for the Black Knight (Brave Lance + Luna skill), Nabarl (high Speed and Critical) and Lloyd (high Speed, Brave Sword, Astra and Pass). Finally, wield your weapons carefully when facing enemies with “Breaker” skills, such as Tomebreaker–as you don’t want to miss and get hit.

From Turn 3, start mopping up the nearby enemies. On the enemy’s turn, all the enemies who didn’t move will start moving except for Ares and Camus.

Turn 4, begin to greet the advancing enemies coming from the north and west sides. If you have spare hands, lure in Ares and Camus. Take care not to overextend yourself though; it would be painful to lose a character at this point and have to restart the mission.

From Turn 5, you should be ready to end the mission–or very soon.

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