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Fire Emblem: Awakening

Sidequest 17 The Threat of Silence

Vincent Lau


Name Class Level Items
Risen Chief Griffon Rider 12 Tomahawk, Hammerne

New Units

Name Class Level Recruit
Tiki Manakete 20 End of chapter

Strategies for all Difficulties

This is a defensive level, with a ring of woods around Tiki for you to station your units. The enemies come in waves of reinforcements. They are all flying units, so bows and wind magic will be super effective. You must protect Tiki if you want to get her after the level.

There are multiple ways you can go about this map.

Either take the defensive and line your units up in the trees, making sure to bring archers and other wind mages as you deal with only flying units on this level, and put stronger defensive units in front to take the brunt of the attack as you get them from behind. Healers with physic will be useful too.

Another way is the more offensive strategy, where you can send groups of units to the three points (west, south, and east) and just destroy the enemies as they come into the map. This is very effective if you have the powerful units to do so, and it ensures that none of the enemies even have a chance to get close to Tiki.

You may end up somewhere between the woods and their spawn point, which is optimal as it takes enemies until their third turn to attack Tiki; their first will make them end up around this zone.

Note, however, that the enemies will prioritize Tiki, and so usually fly by the units that are standing to meet them. If you have Galeforce units, then they will be useful in taking them down before they reach Tiki, but if not, then I suggest a third strategy.

A third is a mix of the above two, some units stay with Tiki (can form a ring around her to ensure that the flying units can’t attack), while another detachment goes off to fight enemies at their spawn points. This way even if one slips by, the crew left with Tiki should be able to handle the remainder.

You may not want to pair up some units in order to attack multiple enemies as you start to get swarmed in later turns. Dancers and Galeforce will come in handy here.

Tiki will only be able to take one or two hits from her enemies, so be very careful. The boss starts moving after all reinforcements are dead.

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