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Fire Emblem: Awakening

Skills List Part 3

Vincent Lau
Skill Description Type Learn
Speed +2 Speed +2 Auto Pegasus Knight (Level 1)
Relief Recover 20% HP at turn start if no units (ally/enemy) are within 3 tiles Auto Pegasus Knight (Level 10)
Rally Speed Speed +4 to allies within 3 tiles for one Turn Command Falcon Knight (Level 5)
Lancefaire Strength +5 when equipped with a lance (Magic +5 when equipped with a magic lance) Auto Falcon Knight (Level 15)
Rally Movement Movement +1 to allies within 3 tiles for one Turn Command Dark Flier (Level 5)
Galeforce Allows the user a second turn if they defeat/kill an enemy (limited to only once per turn) Auto Dark Flier (Level 15)
Strength +2 Strength +2 Auto Wyvern Rider (Level 1)
Tantivy Hit rate and Avoid +10 if no allies are within 3 tiles Auto Wyvern Rider (Level 10)
Quick Burn Hit rate and Avoid +15 at the start of the chapter; effect decreases steadily per turn Auto Wyvern Lord (Level 5)
Swordbreaker Hit rate and Avoid +50 when the enemy is equipped with a sword Auto Wyvern Lord (Level 15)
Deliverer When paired up, Movement +2 Auto Griffon Rider (Level 5)
Lancebreaker Hit rate and Avoid +50 when the enemy is equipped with a lance Auto Griffon Rider (Level 15)
Magic +2 Magic +2 Auto Mage (Level 1)
Focus Critical rate +10 when no allies are within 3 tiles Auto Mage (Level 10)
Rally Magic Magic +4 to allies within 3 tiles for one Turn Command Sage (Level 5)
Tomefaire Magic +5 when equipped with a tome Auto Sage (Level 15)
Hex Avoid -15 to all adjacent enemies Auto Dark Mage (Level 1)
Anathema Avoid and Critical Avoid -10 to all enemies within 3 tiles Auto Dark Mage (Level 10)
Vengeance (User’s Max HP - Current HP)/2 extra damage Stat Based: Skill x 2% Sorcerer (Level 5)
Tomebreaker Hit rate and Avoid +50 when the enemy is equipped with a tome Auto Sorcerer (Level 15)
Slow Burn Hit rate and Avoid increases by 1 each Turn, up to the 15th Turn Auto Dark Knight (Level 5)
Lifetaker User recovers 50% of HP after they defeat/kill an enemy (only during the user’s turn) Auto Dark Knight (Level 15)
Miracle Leaves the character with 1 HP after receiving an attack that would have KO’d them (If 1 HP left, will not work) Stat Based: Luck% Priest / Cleric (Level 1)
Healtouch Restores an extra 5 HP when healing allies Auto Priest / Cleric (Level 10)
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Join Chrom, brother to Ylisse’s empress and commander of its forces, in a fantasy world teetering on the brink of war. It’s your duty to guide a team of Ylisse’s finest soldiers - knights, mages, archers, and more - against the marauding Plegian bandits. To succeed, you will need to carefully choose the units you take into battle. As you lead your team through battles across maps that span entire kingdoms, your army will grow. Some characters are willing to join you quickly, while others may need more persuasion. Each character earns experience in battle, leveling up and gaining strength and abilities as they do so. It’s up to you to guide their moves, choose their weapons, and direct their attacks.

Inside our detailed guide you will find:

  • How to complete every campaign map.
  • The tactics needed to survive Lunatic difficulty!
  • How to recruit every character (with full character stats).
  • What class every character can be with full class stats for each!
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  • All DLC maps covered (Euro version timetable).
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