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Fire Emblem: Awakening
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Author(s): Vincent Lau
First Published: 06-06-2013 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-06-2020 / 06:10 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 12-07-2020 / 00:13 GMT

**Five-Anna Firefight

Location:** Outrealm Gate

Condition: Defeat Enemy

Character Limit: 12 (Including Chrom)


**Name** **Class** **Level** **Items**
Risen Wyvern Lord 20 Hauteclere

New Units

**Name** **Class** **Level** **Recruit**
Catria Dark Flier 20 All 5 Anna sisters alive at the end

Strategies for all difficulties

In this mission, five identical sisters--all named "Anna"--are stranded in a lava cave and surrounded by a horde of dangerous enemies. You can simply beat this mission by defeating all the enemies, but you won't get Catria unless all five Anna sisters survive until the very end.

Depending on what units you have, protecting the sisters can either be a walk in the park or a total nightmare. Like in The Future Past 1 and 2, you can't use the Rescue staff, so you will need to mount a proper rescue mission.

Before you begin, we recommend bringing along at least 2 flying units (4 would be ideal); these units should preferably have the Galeforce skill too (learned by Dark Fliers at Level 15). Much of the map is separated by lava and you will need flying units to traverse the entire map.

Furthermore, without flying units, it will be nigh impossible to intercept the enemy flying units and thus protect the sisters. Early on, you may be able to handle the enemy fliers with ground units only, but the later reinforcements will easily overwhelm you.

Should you attempt this map without flying units, be prepared for an insanely tough time. You must move at top speed to reach the sisters and form a tight wall with individual units.

Even with all the units you can deploy, you will only have enough units to form a wall and none to freely move around, which means you cannot deal with certain reinforcements. The only way to free a unit is to leave a space near the top left and hope no ranged enemies come to attack, which is extremely risky.

The rest of the strategy assumes you have flying units--by this stage, you should have easy access to Second Seals, so there's no excuse!

For the best result, you must save each and every Anna.

Your primary aim is to clear all the enemies before the end of Turn 4; within this time, no enemy reinforcements will trouble you, but afterwards, the map will become overrun with them.

Initially there are only 19 enemies on the map and you can deploy 12 units and thus 6 pairs; theoretically, if each pair can kill at least one enemy per turn, you'll be left with one enemy to deal with on Turn 4. In other words, it shouldn't be a massive undertaking.

On your first turn, send at least one flying unit to the north east and another to the north west. If you have extra flying units, send one south east too and perhaps another north west. The ones going north east will need to kill a ground unit along the way and activate Galeforce to reach their destination.

For reference, the north east enemies and the boss will move and attack anybody in range, so prepare for combat. Watch out for the Dark Fliers with Rexcalibur--kill them ASAP or slap Tomebreaker or Iote's Shield on your units.

Meanwhile, your ground units should march forward and take out as many ground units as possible. If you fail to kill them all, don't worry--so long as your units are in range, the enemies will turn backwards and attack your units instead of going after the Anna sisters.

From Turn 2, mop up any lingering enemies close by. If you brought along 3-4 flying units, you may be able to defeat all the enemies and finish the map by the end of Turn 2. If not, don't fret, as you still have plenty of time--until the end of Turn 4--before the reinforcements start flooding in.

During the enemy's Turn 2, the fliers to the south east will begin moving (assuming you didn't already kill them). Then, on the enemy's Turn 3, the fliers to the west will begin moving, sans the boss (again, if you didn't kill them).

If you only brought 2 flying units, try and predict the enemy's movements and you should still be able to clear the map by the end of Turn 4.

It's a long and dangerous road to the end of the mission.

As mentioned before, failing to clear the map before the end of Turn 4 results in a wave of reinforcements appearing.

  • Turn 4: 2 Griffon Riders and a Wyvern Lord from the south west, 3 Tricksters near the south, 2 Dark Fliers and a Falcon Knight from the south east
  • Turn 5: 3 Griffon Riders from the west, 2 Sorcerers near the south, 3 Wyvern Lords from the east
  • Turn 6: Same as Turn 5, but 3 Tricksters instead of 2 Sorcerers
  • Turn 7: Same as Turn 5, but no Sorcerers
  • Turn 8: Same as Turn 7, and the boss will begin moving (if still alive)
All reinforcements spawn during the beginning of the enemy's turn and will go straight for the sisters or your units if the sisters are all dead or blocked off.

If you're too late to stop the reinforcements, don't immediately panic; you can still save the sisters, but you will need to be aggressive (and have your fingers crossed). Remember that the victory condition is to defeat every enemy, so try to sweep up the enemies as fast as you can.

Use your own flying units to intercept the flying reinforcements and have some ground units ready to shoot down any that get past.

Send a strong ground unit or two southwards to greet the Tricksters and Sorcerers; the former have the Pass skill and can move through your wall of units, while the latter are equipped with Mire and can attack the sisters from afar.

Be wary about dragging out the battle as the sisters take lava damage each turn; ensure somebody casts Fortify when the sisters reach critical HP to save them from a fiery death.

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