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Fire Emblem: Awakening

Chapter 2 Shepherds

Vincent Lau


(Does not move)

Name Class Level Items
Risen Chief Barbarian 4 Hand Axe

New Units

Name Class Level Recruit
Stahl Cavalier 2 Automatically
Vaike Fighter 3 Automatically
Miriel Mage 1 From Turn 2

Strategies for Normal/Hard

The map is much more open this time, with enemies spread across going upward. You have quite a few units, though Vaike can’t attack as he doesn’t have any weapons on him (for the first turn at least). Pairing up units you want to support, or that you think will work well together may be a good idea as you advance upward.

Miriel comes in from the south of the map at the start of the second turn. She has Vaike’s axe, so be sure to trade it over to him so he can do something!

The steady advance forward may be helped if you take advantage of terrain, again, and make sure the enemy isn’t being fought on the forts. It is best to set up defensive formations with the stronger units taking hits for the lower units behind them, or paired up with them.

You can always unequip weapons on units to make them just take hits without fighting back, to allow ranged units such as Archers or Mages behind them to build up experience without being in danger of taking damage. You can create a choke point on the bridge to handle the northern units this way.

Of course, play as you will, the map should be fairly straightforward as long as you keep the more vulnerable units such as Lissa out of harm’s way. If you feel like you are getting swarmed, it is okay to use Frederick as your savior.

Strategies for Lunatic

What I did was I shoved everyone to the southwest, it took some tricky coordination that involved Frederick on the hillside for the terrain bonus and luck, as well as keeping everyone else out of enemy ranges. It worked out eventually with health items too.

Once you get past the opening bits of the map, the rest should be easy if you lure enemies to Frederick, who is preferably on a fort. Be sure your other units are far away.

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