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Fire Emblem: Awakening
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Vincent Lau
First Published: 06-06-2013 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:06 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 06-04-2020 / 20:16 GMT

Fire Emblem: Awakening Guide

5 months ago · Guide Information

DLC Missions Part 2

Smash Brethren 1

**Smash Brethren 1

Location:** Outrealm Gate

Condition: Defeat Enemy

Character Limit: 10 (Including Chrom)


**Name** **Class** **Level** **Items**
Micaiah Sage 8 Micaiah's Pyre

New Units

**Name** **Class** **Level** **Recruit**
Elincia Falcon Knight 6 End of mission

Strategies for all difficulties

In terms of difficulty, this mission is a bit of an odd ball. So long as you have a good team and take caution when approaching enemies, this map should be a cakewalk compared to the mayhem of Lost Bloodlines 3.

All the enemies here are in an advanced class and most–if not all–are heavy hitters. However there are only 20 of them–as opposed to the 30 enemies in the initial Lost Bloodlines maps–and you have 10 green allies assisting you.

If that wasn’t easy enough already, the enemies are all separated into small rooms, which slowly open up as the battle goes on.

Should your units be too weak, you can replay Lost Bloodlines 2 and 3 (if you bought them) to acquire more Dread Scrolls and Paragon. Unlike in Lost Bloodlines, there isn’t any advantageous terrain where you can weather out enemy attacks.

However, if your Avatar has gained enough experience, he or she can reclass to Sorcerer and spam Nosferatu (heals the user) while paired with Chrom.

When the mission begins, your units will be positioned toward the very south of the map. The only enemies you can freely engage right now are those in the south-eastern room. The other enemies will be stuck behind doors, so just ignore them for now.

Although, if your units are stellar, you can open the doors yourself (with a Door Key or a unit with the Locktouch skill) and take out the enemies at your leisure.

On your first turn, try and take down the two Generals and brace for the other three’s attacks on the enemy’s turn. Next turn, mop up any survivors and head back towards the middle of the map.

When Turn 3 begins, the doors to the western room and the eastern room will open together, revealing 10 more enemies.

Ignore the western enemies–leave those to the green units for now–and focus your efforts on the eastern ones. The enemies here are all pretty strong (you have to fight Ike and Ashnard, the hero and villain of Path of Radiance respectively!), so exercise caution; slowly lure them out if necessary.

Turn 4, continue fighting or baiting the eastern set of enemies. If you have free units, begin sending them west to assist the green units; otherwise, just leave the CPU to fight between themselves.

As soon as Turn 5 arrives, the doors to the north-eastern room (allies) and south-western room (enemies) will open. Finish off the eastern and western enemies and begin marching south to meet the new enemies.

Turn 6, either wait for the new group of green units to reach you or begin baiting the new group of enemies to the south. From then on, you can either fight together with your green friends or carefully whittle away the enemy yourself.

The boss, Micaiah, does a lot of magical damage, but she’s pretty flimsy and should be an easy kill. If anything, watch out for Sephiran and the Black Knight.

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