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Fire Emblem: Awakening

Lost Bloodlines 3

Vincent Lau


Name Class Level Items
King Marth Lodestar 25 Exalted Falchion

New Units

Name Class Level Recruit
Seliph Swordmaster 2 End of mission

Strategies for all difficulties

This mission concludes the Lost Bloodlines arc and pits you against 50 enemies, with zero help. If you conquered the previous two maps, you ought to be able to conquer this one too, but it is hard.

Should your army be lacking in numbers, you could deploy Leif and Alm who you previously recruited. If even that doesn’t help, you could fall back on the Chrom and Avatar strategy used in the previous two maps.

That is, only deploy those two and make them run, while paired up, towards a fort or castle and sit out the enemy onslaught from there.

The rest of this strategy assumes you have a strong and capable army.

At the beginning, your units will be split up into two groups, one by the northern village and the main one–with Chrom–near the centre of the map. Unless you have really strong units, it’s advisable to recombine your forces as soon as possible. How’s it good teamwork when half your units are separated from the other?

On the first turn, move your central force north to regroup with your northern forces. Meanwhile, your northern forces should head directly east and bait some of the north-eastern foes; some of these guys are strong, so bait them slowly and carefully.

Initially only a few enemies will move, unless aggravated. So don’t panic when you see the large enemy count–you’ve got some ample time to move your units at your own pace, at least early on.

(1 of 2) Facing off against the elites of two continents is never an easy task.

Facing off against the elites of two continents is never an easy task. (left), (right)

When Turn 2 arrives, continue baiting the north-eastern enemies with your northern regiment and keep marching your central units north. If you have a strong unit, leave them in range of Lewyn, to take him out on his turn.

On the enemy’s second turn, more enemies will begin moving out, but right now there’s still a fair distance between you and them. Don’t lose your focus; concentrate on the enemies within reach!

Turn 3, bait the rest of the north-eastern foes; there shouldn’t be many of them left by this stage. It might also be smart to begin preparing for the enemies coming from the west and the south; any units not being used as bait should begin moving towards the central woods.

On Turn 4, mop up the north-eastern side and have your remaining units brace themselves while positioned on the central woods. Make sure they’re sturdy units too–there will be some flying enemies, so expect your units to be attacked from all sides.

When it’s the enemy’s turn, the rest of the south-eastern units will begin moving.

From Turn 5, have your units concentrate on the central woods, using the woods as cover and the central village to block enemy movement. Then it’s a matter of waiting for the enemies to come to you.

By the enemy’s 5th turn, any of the enemy units that haven’t started moving already will start moving. The big showdown draws near…

(1 of 2) There are a lot of enemy units to deal with, so a strong team is ideal.

There are a lot of enemy units to deal with, so a strong team is ideal. (left), (right)

When Turn 6 begins, you will be facing enemies from two sides, which is not an ideal scenario, but a scenario that’s difficult to avoid.

However you have the terrain advantage for now, so it’s time to make a choice. You can either concentrate your efforts on the western group of enemies or the south-eastern group (preferably the latter).

Leave a strong unit in the central woods, directly above the village, to distract the enemies you’re not dealing with right now. Your other units should stand their ground and brace for enemy attacks; right now there are too many enemy units to go on the offensive. Keep to the woods for cover.

As soon as Turn 7 arrives, begin engaging the enemy force you’re concentrating on; at this point, they should all be in range. If you have space at the end, pull out the sturdy unit that was blocking the other group of enemies.

By Turn 8, you should be ready to face the other enemy force. If necessary, pull your forces up north, so the enemies have to cut through the woods, slowing them down in the process.

Otherwise, fight the enemies through the woods, keeping your units close together to prevent too many enemies from plugging at the same unit. From then on, it’s a case of carefully whittling down the enemy’s numbers, while keeping your units safe.

The enemy’s boss is King Marth, but you’ve already fought him before in Lost Bloodlines 2, so you should be ready for him.

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