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Fire Emblem: Awakening

Sidequest 10 Ambivalence

Vincent Lau


(Does not move)

Name Class Level Items
Nelson Sage 13 Thoron, Talisman

New Units

Name Class Level Recruit
Severa Mercenary 10 NPC: Let her talk to Holland

Strategies for all Difficulties

In order to get Severa, you need to let her go talk to Holland who is located in the north east section of the map. As you can see, the path there is pretty dangerous for a Level 10 Mercenary, so I suggest sending a detachment to assist her on her path to talk to him.

You have to make sure neither of them get killed! Speak to Severa with Cordelia or Chrom, and she will remind you of her objectives.

Severa moves pretty quickly, so be sure to have units that can get ahead of her for her own safety. Watch out for Sages and other ranged units that may attack her from the other side of the wall; they can annihilate her in one turn.

The group going left should be your main group; I suggest a healer with Physic just in case Severa gets in some sort of trouble. Be sure to bring a thief or someone with lock picking skill for the chests.

There are plenty of advanced class enemies on the map, so you should remain aware of this. There are many Berserkers, Assassins, and Sages, with Tricksters as well. These are rather hard hitting classes in different ways, so proceed with caution!

There is another strategy; if you have a Rescue staff, you can warp Severa to the left side and move as one group, this works much better as everyone is in one place and so your power isn’t split between two paths.

Also, if Severa starts to run ahead of your group, use Rescue to warp her back to the back. Repeat this until the way is clear.

Likewise, check the skills of the enemies. With advanced class enemies, these skills play a larger role; such as the Assassins that have Vantage. You want to watch out for the weapons they have too, such as the Tricksters with Levin Swords. Reinforcements will come from the stairways, too.

Unlocking the door near Holland will help Severa avoid the forces to the southeast, though you can send a unit in front of her (using the Rescue strategy) and wipe them out that way too. Use whichever works best to how your units are trained/leveled.

Be very careful: when Severa makes it to Holland and joins you, at the end of your turn (beginning of enemy), the four central stairs will have reinforcements. Either cover the stairways with your own units, or be ready to face them by moving weaker units out of the way!


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