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Fire Emblem: Awakening

Bonus Teams

Vincent Lau

(1 of 2) 120 characters from past Fire Emblem games at your fingertips!

120 characters from past Fire Emblem games at your fingertips! (left), (right)

These are bonus teams from previous games. All team leaders can be recruited, as well as fought as many times as you want. The teams are built up in ways sometimes familiar with players of previous games.

An example is Nino’s team from “Fire Emblem” – she’s with a Hero, Swordmaster, and Assassin, which could represent Linus, Lloyd, and Jaffar, for instance. Or Lyn’s crew being the characters you get in Lyn’s story, or Nergal’s team the Black Fang. Fun little references like that.

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon

Character Class Army
Nyna Sage 5 Knights, 4 Archers
Caeda Pegasus Knight 5 Cavaliers, 4 Mages
Linde Mage 5 Mercenaries, 4 Archers
Merric Mage 5 Mages, 4 Dark Mages
Tiki Manakete 4 Thieves, 5 Barbarians
Minerva Wyvern Lord 3 Falcon Knights, 6 Griffon Riders
Ogma Hero 3 Warriors, 6 Heroes
Navarre Swordmaster 1 Trickster, 8 Assassins
Gharnef Sorcerer 4 Griffon Riders, 3 Dark Knights, 2 Sorcerers
Pr. Marth Lodestar 3 Paladins, 1 General, 1 Sniper, 1 Falcon Knight 1 War Monk

Fire Emblem: Gaiden (Japan)

Character Class Army
Clair Pegasus Knight 4 Myrmidons, 5 Barbarians
Boey Mage 4 Myrmidons, 3 Barbarians, 2 Mages
Mycen Great Knight 5 Soldiers, 4 Fighters
Valbar Knight 5 Knights, 4 Mages
Luthier Sage 4 Snipers, 5 Berserkers
Clive Paladin 5 Soldiers, 4 Archers
Nomah Sage 5 Paladins, 4 Valkyries
Deen Swordmaster 9 Heroes
Celica Sage 6 Generals, 3 War Monks
Alm Hero 3 Great Knights, 2 Bow Knights, 2 Warriors, 2 Sages

Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem (Japan)

Character Class Army
Norne Archer 1 Cavalier, 1 Myrmidon, 4 Knights, 3 Mages
Catria Pegasus Knight 5 Cavaliers, 3 Archers, Thief
Malice Mercenary Fighter, Thief, Myrmidon, Archer, 5 Knights
Athena Swordmaster 3 Mercenaries, 3 Myrmidons, 3 Archers
Horace General 6 Great Knights, 3 Dark Knights
Etzel Sorcerer 5 Wyvern Lords, 4 Sages
Legion Berserker 9 Berserkers
Katarina Sage 4 Assassins, 3 Tricksters, 2 Snipers
Hardin General 2 Paladins, 2 Bow Knights, 5 Generals
King Marth Lodestar Swordmaster, General, Berserker, Sniper, Sage, 4 Heroes

Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War (Generation I)

Character Class Army
Deirdre Dark Mage 6 Mages, 3 Dark Mages
Arden Knight 9 Knights
Jamke Archer 5 Archers, 4 Barbarians
Raquesis Troubador 3 Paladins
Ethlyn Valkyrie 6 Cavaliers, 3 Pegasus Knights
Quan Paladin 6 Paladins, 3 Bow Knights
Ayra Swordmaster 7 Falcon Knights, 2 Valkyries
Lewyn Sage 3 Sages, 6 Heroes
Arvis Sorcerer 5 Sorcerers, 4 Generals
Sigurd Paladin 4 Paladins, General, Great Knight, Dark Knight, Bow Knight

Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War (Generation II)

Character Class Army
Fee Pegasus Knight 3 Pegasus Knights, 3 Mercenaries, 3 Fighters
Arthur Mage 3 Mages, 6 Knights
Ulster Myrmidon Myrmidon, 2 Knights, 2 Fighters, 2 Archers, 2 Mages
Larcel Swordmaster Great Knight, Warrior, 7 Myrmidons
Altena Wyvern Lord 9 Wyvern Lords
Ced Sage 6 Berserkers, 3 Sages
Julia Sage 6 Swordmasters, 3 Snipers
Ares Dark Knight 6 Great Knights, 3 Dark Knights
Julius Sorcerer General, Bow Knight, Warrior, Sniper, Paladin, Sage, Swordmaster, Valkyrie, Assassin
Seliph Swordmaster 3 Paladins, 2 Great Knights, 2 Bow Knights, 2 Valkyries

Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 (Japan)

Character Class Army
Nanna Troubadour 5 Myrmidons, 4 Archers
Dagdar Warrior 9 Fighters
Salem Dark Mage 9 Thieves
Olwen Dark Knight Paladin, 8 Cavaliers
Eyvel Swordmaster 5 Warriors, 4 Bow Knights
Finn Paladin 4 Paladins, 5 Great Knights
Saias Sage 2 Paladins, 2 Great Knights, 2 Bow Knights, 3 Generals
Mareeta Swordmaster 6 Heroes, 3 Snipers
Raydrik General 6 Sorcerers, 3 Swordmasters
Leif Trickster Paladin, 8 Berserkers

Fire Emblem: Binding Blade (Japan)

Character Class Army
Wolt Archer 7 Barbarians, 2 Dark Mages
Shanna Pegasus Knight 6 Pegasus Knights, 3 Cavaliers
Lugh Mage 2 Mages, 7 Cavaliers
Raigh Dark Mage 4 Wyvern Riders, 5 Mercenaries
Sophia Sorcerer 2 Berserkers, 4 Barbarians, 3 Dark Mages
Cecilia Valkyrie 6 Valkyries, 3 Sages
Perceval Paladin 6 Paladins, 3 Bow Knights
Lilina Sage 2 Berserkers, 7 Sages
Zephiel General 6 Heroes, 3 Snipers
Roy Hero 3 Paladins, Sniper, General, Hero, Falcon Knight, 2 Warriors

Fire Emblem

Character Class Army
Florina Pegasus Knight 5 Mercenaries, 4 Archers
Nino Mage Swordmaster, Assassin, and Hero
Serra Cleric Mage, Knight, Thief, and 6 Fighters
Matthew Thief 5 Thieves, 4 Mages
Karel Swordmaster 6 Berserkers, 3 Heroes
Jaffar Assassin 6 Assassins, 3 Sorcerers
Lyn Swordmaster 2 Paladins, Falcon Knight, Sniper, Warrior, Bow Knight, Trickster, War Monk, General
Hector General General, Trickster, 2 Falcon Knights, 5 Heroes
Nergal Sorcerer Bow Knight, Sage, Warrior, General, Valkyrie, Assassin, Swordmaster, Hero
Eliwood Paladin 2 Paladins, 2 Warriors, 2 Generals, War Cleric, Trickster, Swordmaster

Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones

Character Class Army
Eirika Myrmidon Paladin, Cavalier, Knight, Pegasus Knight, Priest
Amelia Knight 9 Knights
Moulder Priest 6 Fighters, 3 Knights
Lute Mage 6 Brigands, 3 Archers
Marisa Swordmaster Hero, 8 Mercenaries
Innes Sniper 9 Falcon Knights
L’Arachel War Cleric Berserker, Trickster
Seth Paladin 4 Paladins, 3 Great Knights, 2 Bow Knights
Lyon Sorcerer 3 Sorcerers, 6 Dark Knights
Ephraim Great Knight 5 Griffon Knights, 4 Valkyries

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance

Character Class Army
Mist Cleric Cavalier, Fighter, Archer, Mage, 5 Mercenaries
Soren Mage 5 Mages, 4 Mercenaries
Mia Myrmidon Myrmidon, 2 Fighters, 2 Knights, 2 Mages, 2 Wyvern Riders
Titania Great Knight 3 Berserkers, 6 Brigands
Elincia Falcon Knight 7 Falcon Knights, 2 Dark Fliers
Geoffrey Paladin 2 Snipers, 2 Generals, 3 Paladins, 2 Valkyries
Lucia Swordmaster Sorcerer, 5 Heroes, 3 Snipers
Ashnard Wyvern Lord 6 Wyvern Lords, 3 Griffon Riders
Ike Hero Paladin, Warrior, War Monk, Sniper, General, Sorcerer, Sniper, Assassin, Falcon Knight

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

Character Class Army
Edward Myrmidon 4 Myrmidons, 5 Thieves
Leonardo Archer 4 Archers, 5 Thieves
Brom Knight 5 Soldiers, 4 Villagers
Nephenee Knight 3 Knights, 3 Fighters, 3 Archers
Sanaki Sage 5 Falcon Knights, 4 Cavaliers
Sigrun Falcon Knight 6 Falcon Knights, 3 Dark Fliers
Sothe Trickster 5 Tricksters, 4 Assassins
Black Knight General Swordmaster, 2 Warriors, 2 Great Knights, 2 Snipers, 2 War Monks
Sephiran Sage 5 War Monks, 2 Sages, 2 Valkyries
Micaiah Sage 4 Wyvern Lords, 2 Tricksters, 3 War Monks


Character Class Army
Camus Paladin 5 Paladins, 4 Bow Knights
Travant Wyvern Lord 9 Wyvern Lords
Ishtar Sage 3 Falcon Knights, 4 Bow Knights, 2 Sages
Narcian Wyvern Lord 3 Heroes, 3 Warriors, 3 Sage
Lloyd Swordmaster 4 Swordmasters, 3 Generals, 2 Wyvern Lords
Linus Hero 4 Berserkers, 3 Paladins, 2 Wyvern Lords
Ursula Valkyrie 4 Berserkers, 3 Assassins, 2 Snipers
Selena Dark Knight 5 Paladins, 4 Generals
Petrine Paladin 6 Great Knights, 3 Wyvern Lords
Oliver Sorcerer 5 Bishops, 4 Valkyries
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