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Fire Emblem Engage

Best Panette Builds In Fire Emblem Engage

Jacob Woodward

There are a whole host of supports for you to pick up in Fire Emblem Engage, allowing you to put together a well-rounded squad no matter what enemies you come up against. "Panette" iconPanette is one such unit you’re able to recruit so knowing the best build for her is key to

We’re going to help you out with this by going through what we think are all of the top options for Panette including best skills, Emblem Ring pairings and stat growths, so you’re fully prepared to get her performing at her best in your next battle.

Panette Stat Growths In Fire Emblem Engage

Battling with Panette in !Fire Emblem Engage

Stat Base Max Growth
HP 46 - 75%
STR 25 +3 45%
MAG 3 -1 10%
DEX 19 - 40%
SPD 13 - 25%
LCK 11 - 20%
DEF 11 - 30%
RES 7 +1 15%
BLD 11 - 15%

Looking initially at Panette’s stats and stat growths, you’re quickly able to see that she excels in survivability. This is because her HP is something that has the highest growth rate at an incredible 75%, allowing her to tank a bunch of hits.

Both Str and Dex also offer some pretty high growth rates which when you pair with her high HP, could make her perfect for placement on the front line, taking some of the heat away from your more fragile units.

Naturally, you’re going to want to avoid all Mag related elements with Panette with her incredibly poor base stat and growth rate.

Best Panette Skills In Fire Emblem Engage

Panette’s critical cutscene in !Fire Emblem Engage

There are a bunch of different skills to inherit in the game so its certainly confusing which ones to use. For Panette, as you’re likely using her as a hard hitting, damage absorbing "Berserker" iconBerserker, you’re going to want the skills to match.

First off, we’ve got "Hold Out+++" iconHold Out+++. This skill unlocks at Bond Level 18 with "Roy" iconRoy, and is absolutely top-tier for survival. The reason why is due to the fact that this skill essentially allows you a second chance at living, leaving you at 1 HP no matter how strong the attack was as long as you were at 2 HP or more beforehand.

Second, we’re moving to a more offensive skill; "Wrath" iconWrath. This is unlocked at "Ike" iconIke’s Bond Level 13 and utilizes Panette’s high HP to further the attack by granting a +1 to Crit for each point of HP lost. Thanks to the high number of HP, only getting higher as you use Panette, by the end of the battle, you’re going to be critting galore.

Last, but by no means least, there’s "Vantage++" iconVantage++. This skill is particularly useful with Panette as once again, it’s linked to HP and the fact she’ll likely be attacking head on. If Panette’s HP is 75% or lower and the enemy is attacking you, you’re able to counter before they even land a blow. As stated, you’ll probably be at that 75% threshold early on in the battle so the fact that you’ll essentially be attacking first no matter what, you’ll likely be getting close to killing without shortly heading to the grave after.

Best Panette Emblem Ring Pairings In Fire Emblem Engage

Finally, now you know what kind of stats you’re working with and what skills to use, here comes the one thing to pull it all together - the best Emblem Ring pairings.

The top Emblem Ring selection we’d say to pair with Panette is probably Roy. This is because "Hold Out" iconHold Out is an absolute perfect skill to use in conjunction with "Blood Fury" iconBlood Fury, not only ensuring you survive the incoming hit, but also allowing for an improved Crit upon your returning blow.

Additionally, if you’re also using Panette as a more attacking unit like we suggested, having the chance to utilize Roy’s "Advance" iconAdvance skill can allow you to get up close and personal with the enemies at a much faster rate.

If Roy doesn’t do it for you though, there are other options to pair with Panetter such as Ike, who is an ideal Emblem to pair with a front line attacker. He will provide boosts to Def, which is ideal for Panette since she already boasts great HP, so adding more resilience here boosts her spearheading nature even further.

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