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Fire Emblem Engage

Best Yunaka Builds in Fire Emblem Engage

Nathan Garvin

A rogue with the bad habit of compulsively lying, "Yunaka" iconYunaka nonetheless ends up an ally of the "Divine Dragon" iconDivine Dragon after a botched burglary. Yunaka joins you during the main story battle in Chapter 6, and stays with you for the rest of the game following the battle. Beneath her bubbly veneer, there’s a cold, calculated killer, which her stats well represent. This page will discuss Yunaka’s strengths and weaknesses, including her starting stats, stat maximums and stat growths, and suggest the best classes and Emblem Rings for Yunaka.

Yunaka will join at the start of the story battle in Chapter 6.

Yunaka’s Stats and Stat Growths

Yunaka starts out as a Lvl 6 "Thief" iconThief when she joins you, and while she receives Michaiah as a crutch for the first mission, she really doesn’t need it. For her role in the battlefield, her stats are excellent, as she boasts high SPD, DEX and RES growths, making it very likely that she’ll perform a followup attack in combat, land frequent critical hits and shrug off magic damage. Her low DEF might be a liability… if her SPD (and hence, AVO) wasn’t good enough to make her a competent AVO tank. Some moderately upgraded "Iron Dagger" iconIron Daggers will keep her lethal for most of the game, especially if you hide her in terrain every chance you get. She will struggle with armored foes, however.

Stat Base Max Growth Lvl 40
HP 25 50% 42
BLD 5 5% 6.7
STR 8 -1 35% 19.9
MAG 5 25% 13.5
DEX 14 +1 40% 27.6
SPD 12 +2 45% 27.3
DEF 9 -2 15% 14.1
RES 7 +2 45% 22.3
LCK 8 -1 25% 16.5

(1 of 2) When taking cover in AVO-boosting terrain,

When taking cover in AVO-boosting terrain, (left), Yunaka will benefit from increased CRIT due to her personal skill, Trained to Kill. (right)

Best Classes for Yunaka

Yunaka’s high SPD makes her a potential AVO tank. That along with her excellent DEX score, decent STR score and personal skill, "Trained to Kill" iconTrained to Kill (Crit+15 as long as she occupies terrain that boosts her AVO) all combine to make her a dangerous unit, indeed. She’s best used to jump from defensive terrain tiles, harassing enemies at range with her daggers, but it’s worth noting that in the absence of such terrain features, she’s a good bit weaker than she’d otherwise be.

Her damage output is generally middling, but her high CRIT rate makes up for that, and her good RES score means she can be fielded aggressively against casters. High DEF foes will give her problems, and her own DEF tends to be on the low side which is really the only weaknesses that really need to be addressed.


Yunaka is one of the rare characters that doesn’t really need to change classes to stay competitive. Her base class, Thief, is a special class that can reach Lvl 40 before hitting the cap, which should get you to near the end of the game, and with her already useful stat growths, keeping Yunaka as a Thief will add a few more points of STR and quite a bit of DEX and SPD to a character who was frankly already doing well in those areas.

Yunaka gains MOV and some stat boosts if promoted to Wolf Knight, losing little in return.

Wolf Knight

That said, if you want to burn some Second Seals, promoting Yunaka into a Wolf Knight will increase her movement range and give her access to your pick of swords, lances or axes (rank B) while allowing her to retain her innate proficiency with daggers. If you go with swords, you can add an "Armorslayer" iconArmorslayer to her arsenal, which will give her a convenient can opener any time an armored foe gets in her way, resolving one of her few shortcomings.

Griffin Knight

There’s also a fair case to be made for Yunaka as a Griffin Knight, especially if you’re keen to keep the Michaiah flavor she had when she joined. This forfeits her access to daggers, and you probably want to compensate by giving her a lance so she can continue pelt enemies from afar with "Javelin" iconJavelins, but it does give her access to staves, albeit only grade C variants. The huge downside with this build is that flying will deprive her of access to her personal skill, as flying units can’t take advantage of cover.

Best Emblem Rings for Yunaka

Despite not having the best DEF and only a passable RES, Yunaka’s high SPD - and hence, AVO, makes her a potential tank. You’re not taking damage if enemies aren’t hitting you, after all. This isn’t a fool-proof strategy - bad luck happens, but also if the enemy fields numerous Backup units, they’ll chip away your HP with chain attacks, which have a high HIT chance regardless of your AVO. It’s also worth noting that in maps lacking cover, Yunaka goes from being excellent to merely good.

Yunaka paired with Sigurd can terrorize vast swaths of territory.


Since her survivability and lethality both increase when she’s in cover, "Sigurd" iconSigurd is actually an excellent pairing with Yunaka. As a Wolf Knight her MOV will increase to a blistering 11, making it incredibly hard for enemies to pin her down. "Momentum" iconMomentum will further increase her damage on the move, making Sigurd an effective counter when facing numerous Backup units.


"Lyn" iconLyn is a decent, albeit inferior, alternative to Sigurd. Her Speedtaker ability will give Yunaka more SPD the more times she initiates combat and kills enemies. Granted, this will probably be a minority of the kills Yunaka scores, but more SPD means more AVO. In addition, Alacrity will allow Yunaka to follow-up before an enemy can attack if Yunaka has a 9+ SPD advantage over the enemy, which, with her excellent growth rates and Speedtaker, she has a fair chance of doing. Finally, Lyn’s "Astra Storm" iconAstra Storm allows Yunaka to delete a troublesome opponent from afar, an always welcome prospect.

Best Skills for Yunaka

As for skills, Yunaka should learn and inherit the standard leveling skills: "Lineage" iconLineage from Edelgard (substitute with "Mentorship" iconMentorship from "Byleth" iconByleth if you don’t have access to it) and Starsphere from Tiki. These will both make an already strong character even stronger, which is always welcome. Other than that, "Marth" iconMarth’s AVO+ skills are obviously desirable for an aspiring AVO tank, even though most enemies will struggle to hit Yunaka when she’s in cover due to her natural AVO. "Tiki" iconTiki’s "Lifesphere" iconLifesphere is also wonderful for a passive AVO tank, as it’ll heal Yunaka for up to 40HP (and remove status effects!) while she waits. You could also go out of your way to learn Lyn’s Alacrity and Speedtaker abilities if you wanted to benefit from those without having Lyn equipped.

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