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Fire Emblem Engage

How to Defeat Roy

Jessica Dillon

There are plenty of side missions in Fire Emblem Engage to help you strengthen your army, get new characters, and bond with your Emblems. Each Emblem has their own Paralogue chapter that you will unlock in the later chapters of the game, and these can be quite challenging. "Roy" iconRoy, in particular, has a harder stage as you must face a constant onslaught of enemies, making it easy to lose a unit while trying to reach him towards the bottom. The guide below goes over how to defeat Roy without losing any units in the process.

Roy at the start of his Paralogue in !Fire Emblem Engage, The Young Lion.

How to Unlock Roy’s Paralogue: The Young Lion in Fire Emblem Engage

Once you complete Chapter 19, you will be able to take on Roy’s Paralogue, The Young Lion. Be warned, though, as this map has a lot of units, and reinforcements keep spawning in.

How to Defeat Roy at The Binding Grounds

Before you start this map, you are going to want to get quite a few bow users on your team. While you can bring "Alcryst" iconAlcryst, "Fogado" iconFogado is the best choice as he is able to move through the map quickly. "Seadall" iconSeadall and "Byleth" iconByleth are also a must, as their dances can help give your units a second turn, something that is needed to not lose units on this map. "Lyn" iconLyn is also helpful, as she gives you the ability to hit Wyvern Knights from a safe distance away.

When you start on this map, your army will be huddled together at the top of the map and start heading straight down. You will be assaulted by a few magic users and Wyvern Knights on the way. This map regularly spawns reinforcements, so you will need to move quickly, cutting a path to Roy as fast as possible. Be sure to take down any nearby enemies as you move so that you don’t get completely surrounded.

Roy’s location on the Binding Grounds map.

There is also a wyvern on this map, but you can use a weapon like Wrymslayer to make quick work of it. The most important thing to remember is what units can easily be taken down by the enemies around you. If you make the wrong move on this map, it is extremely easy to end up surrounded by enemies and permanently lose a few of your units.

Once you get close to Roy, use Lyn to snipe the "Sage" iconSage to get Roy to move towards you. Once he is in range, you can unleash several rounds of attacks on him to try and deplete his two health bars. Keep in mind that Roy has the skill "Hold Out+++" iconHold Out+++. This will allow him to hang on by one health if you hit him with an effective attack. At the very least, you will need to hit him four times to completely defeat him on the battlefield.

If you want to bypass this altogether though, then keep in mind that Engage attacks won’t activate this skill when you hit Roy.

All Treasure in The Young Lion

This is another level where you are only going to get money, as there are no treasure chests. You can get 1000 G from taking down various enemy spawns on the map.

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