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Every Romance Option & How to Unlock Them

Jessica Dillon

Being able to romance your allies has been a staple in the Fire Emblem franchise for quite some time. While romance isn’t as complicated as in some other JRPGs, you do need to put in a bit of work to woo the ally of your dreams. The guide below goes over everything you need to know about romance in Fire Emblem Engage, including what characters are eligible, what you benefit from it, and how to unlock it.

Increasing "Ivy" iconIvy's support with "Alear" iconAlear.

How to Unlock Romance in Fire Emblem Engage

You can begin leveling up character support rankings from the very start of the game when you unlock Somniel. To do this, you can gift your characters their favorite items, use them in battle, spar with them and cook for them at Cafe Terrace. You want be able to rank up a character to S-rank until you are almost done with the game. In addition, buying presents can’t be done until you unlock the flea market after completing Chapter 13. Here are some additional resources to help you raise everyone to A-rank support in Fire Emblem Engage.

Once you hit a support goal, you will need to speak to that character and choose the support option to view their cutscene so that they will rank up. The game will give you a notification each time a new cutscene is available for you to view. Once you reach chapter Chapter 23, a Paralogue will open up called The Connector. Complete it to get the Pact Ring, an item that is used to raise one of your units to S-rank.

Please also note that you can’t romance Emblems or characters that aren’t recruited in your army. You also can’t get other characters to date, but they do all have support conversations that you can watch if you are looking for more character development.

Is There Gay Marriage in Fire Emblem Engage?

While other games in the series have gender-locked characters!Fire Emblem Engage does not. You can romance any character you wish without being restricted by the gender of the main character that you chose to play as at the start of the game. This will not affect any romantic dialog either. You should note that the Pact Ring is more like an engagement ring and that you won’t actually have a wedding ceremony in the game. In addition, you can’t have children with your chosen partner.

Every Romanceable Character

The English version of the game changed a few pieces of dialogue around so that underage characters couldn’t be romanced. Below is the list of characters that you are able to have a romantic relationship within the game.

All Platonic Characters

These characters can still be given the Pact Ring, but the romance themes are either non-existent or heavily toned down.

What Are The Benefits of Romance in Fire Emblem Engage?

You are likely wondering what the purpose behind romancing a character is in Fire Emblem Engage. Below are all the things you will get for giving a character the Pact Ring.

  • Special cutscene.
  • Special "Alear" iconAlear combination attack when using Engage skills.
  • A note to their journal page.
  • Decoration for "Alear" iconAlear’s Memento Drawer.
  • Special Epilogue Scene With That Character.

As you can see there isn’t a huge buff or advantage outside of more character development that you will get out of using the Pact Ring. This is an extra feature in the game, and should be treated as such instead of something that you would use to power up your army even further. The partner you choose also won’t alter the story of the game.


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