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Best Eirika Emblem Skills And Pairings In Fire Emblem Engage

Jacob Woodward

Fire Emblem Engage is full of different characters for you to test out in the heat of battle, sometimes giving you some serious advantages, but only if you know their true strengths. Emblem Eirika is one of these, so knowing exactly how she works and how she can add benefits to certain units is key.

This guide is going to take you through not only Eirika’s Emblem skills but also some of the best pairings you can hook her up with, hopefully cementing her place in your lineup.

Eirika’s Playstyle In Fire Emblem Engage

Eirika talking with "Alear" iconAlear in Fire Emblem Engage

Before getting into her skills and possible best pairings, let’s take an initial look at her actual playstyle, allowing you to judge where to potentially place her in battle.

Right off the bat we can tell you that you’re going to be wanting to go on the offensive with Eirika. This is because her skills lie in physical attack, hopefully piercing through the enemy lines with her buffs to Lances.

Speaking of Lances, when paired with a character who is using a Lance, you’ll get increases to Ddg and Avo, albeit at the detriment to Crit chance. However, with the sheer power she possesses, you won’t particularly need that Crit chance since you’ll also be doing extra damage to high Def and armoured enemies. Moreover, if you choose to increase the Bond Level with her, you’ll gain additional improvements to Ddg, allowing you to potentially avoid incoming hits.

Best Eirika Emblem Skills In Fire Emblem Engage

Eirika's intro cutscene in Fire Emblem Engage

Looking more closely at the skills that we’ve touched on above, the one’s you’re going to want to focus on inheriting are "Lunar Brace" iconLunar Brace and "Gentility" iconGentility. "Lunar Brace" iconLunar Brace allows you to deal extra damage if you initiate using a physical attack, with this damage number being based on 20% of the foe’s Def. If you were to increase your Bond Level further, you’ll receive "Lunar Brace+" iconLunar Brace+ which improves its usefulness further, basing the additional damage on 30% of the foe’s defense.

Now looking at "Gentility" iconGentility, this one is a little less flashy, but one that we think is incredibly useful. "Gentility" iconGentility allows the unit to take 3 less damage, key to ensuring survival in those long battles. Akin to "Lunar Brace" iconLunar Brace, there is a "Gentility+" iconGentility+ which bolsters this buff negating 5 less damage from an incoming attack, again improving survivability.

Moving to Sync Skills, one of the most useful options here is actually at Bond Level 1; Night and Day. This Sync Skill is used to switch Emblems and swap between "Lunar Brace" iconLunar Brace/Gentility and Solar Brace/Bravery for all allies, perfect for allowing you to readjust in battle, granting you the chance to either go all-out attack or move back into a more defensive shell.

Best Eirika Emblem Pairings In Fire Emblem Engage

"Rosado" iconRosado engaging with Eirika in Fire Emblem Engage

Now you know what kind of playstyle you’re getting with Eirika and her skills, now let’s get into her best pairings.

First off, we’ve got Rosada, our top pick as the best Emblem pairing for Eirika. The reason why we’ve gone for this is due to the fact that you’re able to avoid damage using the Night and Day skill, swapping to "Gentility" iconGentility as you please, coupled with "Rosado" iconRosado’s base Lance proficiencies. Moreover, you’ll naturally want to use "Rosado" iconRosado as a frontline support, playing into Eirika’s strengths also, and thanks to the increased HP growth rates "Rosado" iconRosado possesses, everything just works in tandem.

Another solid pairing you could use with Eirika is "Mauvier" iconMauvier, a slightly different character to that of "Rosado" iconRosado. Yes, you’ll be absolutely taking advantage of "Lunar Brace" iconLunar Brace here, making it less likely for him to be taken out, but where the combo truly shines is thanks to "Mauvier" iconMauvier’s Cavalry typing. This is because with the Cavalry typing, you’ll be able to deal an additional 50% damage with Engage attacks, making the already strong pairing even more powerful when attacking.


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