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How To Get Bond Fragments Fast In Fire Emblem Engage

Jacob Woodward

In Fire Emblem Engage, a key to success in your battles is creating strong relationships with your Units so they’re ready to defeat what’s in front of them. One way in which you can do this is through the use of Bond Fragments, an integral item in the game.

While you’ve probably already acquired these if you’re in the early stages of the game, you’ll want to ramp up the number you have as you progress. This guide will help you with this, providing some tactics for getting Bond Fragments fast so you can secure a whole bunch in your stash.

Best Bond Fragments Tips In Fire Emblem Engage

!Fire Emblem Engage Bond Fragments from Units.png

As previously stated, we’re sure that if you’ve been playing a little Fire Emblem Engage, you will have likely got some Bond Fragments. These Bond Fragments are essential to creating Bond Rings which can power up your Units without having to sacrifice an Emblem Ring on them.

The usual way you can get Bond Fragments is through completing battles in Chapters. Sometimes you will be rewarded with Bond Fragments and if you either speak to your Units in the exploration phase, or travel to the next Chapter, you will also receive Bond Fragments. Even though you do quite a few Bond Fragments from this, there are ways in which you can elevate your stocks exponentially.

The first way you can get more Bond Fragments is by picking up items in the exploration phase after battle. A lot of these items will be materials for dishes or crafting weapons, but on some occasions, you can also get Bond Fragments.

!Fire Emblem Engage Bond Fragments from exploration

In the early game, you’ll likely get between 50-200 Bond Fragments, but as you progress, this number grows significantly. Once you reach the Somniel at the end of Chapter 3, there are also a lot of items in this area thus meaning more Bond Fragments.

The second way to get more Bond Fragments is again, in the Somniel. Once you reach the area, head over to the Cafe Terrace and more specifically, the Bulletin Board. Here you will have a few different options but the one we’re interested in is the Achievements as this is where there are Bond Fragments aplenty.

Fire Emblem Engage Bond Fragments from Achievements

For each Achievement earned, you will receive Bond Fragments for your efforts. You will, however, have to keep coming back here to collect them, they are not automatically redeemed.

Once you reach Chapter 6, you can also unlock another way of getting Bond Fragments. This is through Paralogues. These are similar to that of the regular ones you are taking part in as you progress through the game, but are optional, so you might simply skip over them

!Fire Emblem Engage Paralogues

Once you complete a battle, you’ll enter the usual exploration phase where you can pick up Bond Fragments.

Finally, and probably the most obscure ways to earn Bond Fragments is from a few different activities, again, in the Somniel. Once you get far enough in the game to unlock Strength Training, if you take part in this, you’ll not only boost your stats, you’ll also get your hands on Bond Fragments.

(1 of 2) Strength Training in !Fire Emblem Engage

Strength Training in !Fire Emblem Engage (left), Sommie in !Fire Emblem Engage (right)

Last, but not least, if you’ve noticed Sommie in the base of operations, you can feed and pet the creature and you will again get some Bond Fragments for your troubles.


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