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Fire Emblem Engage

How to Defeat Lucina

Jessica Dillon

Paralogues are side quests in Fire Emblem Engage that serve several purposes. Some Paralogues let you recruit new party members, while others help you increase your bond level with the game’s Emblem to 20. Emblem Paralogues can either be a walk in the park or one of the most difficult missions in the game, depending on who you are fighting. "Lucina" iconLucina has a pretty straightforward Paralogue Chapter, and the guide below goes over how to beat her without losing any of your units.

Lucina in her Paralogue Chapter.

How to Unlock Lucina’s Paralogue: The Exalt in Fire Emblem Engage

Lucina’s Paralogue is one of the first Emblem Paralogues you will unlock in the game. Her Paralogue will unlock after you complete Chapter 11 of the story.

How to Defeat Lucina at The Arena of The Gods

As long as you have strong units, this map is decently easy to get through and one of the smallest in the game. You can bring along a "Martial Monk" iconMartial Monk to break Lucina when she’s using "Falchion" iconFalchion, and magic can easily deal with many of the units on the map, making "Ivy" iconIvy and "Pandreo" iconPandreo a great team for this stage. You may also want to bring along a unit with a wide range of movements like "Merrin" iconMerrin.

You will be placed in an arena with enemies on both sides of the fields. Take down these enemies before proceeding to Lucina, and make sure your army is evenly balanced on each side. As soon as Lucina moves for the first time, four enemies will spawn on the map, one from each of the staircases surrounding you.

The Arena of The Gods in !Fire Emblem Engage.

Lucina has two health bars, so you should try your best to quickly finish her off in one turn. You will want to be extremely careful with having "Alear" iconAlear in her target range as she uses the "Parallel Falchion" iconParallel Falchion, a dragon-effective weapon that can one-shot Alear. Try to keep Alear at a safe range unless you are completely sure you can defeat Lucina in this round.

All Treasure in The Exalt

The is a small map located inside of an arena, and there are no treasure chests; instead, a few of the enemies on the field will drop 1000 G each.

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