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Fire Emblem Engage

Best Tiki Emblem Skills and Pairings

Ben Chard

The best "Tiki" iconTiki Emblem skills and pairings are here in this very page. With her heavy focus on HP/Lck buffs, she’s useful to sync to most units. She’s known as the Emblem of Dragons and has type bonuses with most Dragon classes. This page will tell you everything you need to know about her.

Tiki can be recruited in a Paralogue at the start of Chapter 7.

Tiki Emblem Basic Stats and Background

Engage Attack Engage Skill Usable Weapons
"Divine Blessing" iconDivine Blessing "Draconic Form" iconDraconic Form, Foe Engage Attack Damage/2 Eternal Claw, Tail Smash

Tiki is from Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, a Nintendo DS remake of the very first Fire Emblem game (that released on the Famicom). You’ll have to wait until Chapter 6 and own the Expansion Pass to obtain this Emblem Ring, where you will obtain it in her Paralogue.

Diving Blessing is a unique Engage Attack that will grant an ally a revival stone, especially useful on tougher difficulties. The Engage Skill, "Draconic Form" iconDraconic Form, transforms the user into a dragon, offering unique weapons and +10 to max HP and +5 to Bld and all basic stats.

Tiki’s Playstyle

Edelgard’s playstyle is all about taking advantage of her different weapons available as you transform into a dragon. "Divine Blessing" iconDivine Blessing is an incredibly useful Engage Attack, especially if you’re on the harder difficulty settings or using the Classic ruleset where characters can die permanently.

The Draconic Form will massively increase that Unit’s stats and gain access to her unique weapons, but do note that despite being a dragon, you won’t get the MOV of a flying Unit, instead, it’ll remain the same as the Unit who transformed. This means that if you want to make full use of this transformation, stick it on a character with high MOV.

You’ll only get access to Tiki’s unique weapons once you’re transformed, and Eternal Claw is the go-to for most encounters. Tail Smash is useful for when you want to knock back an enemy. Tiki’s weapons have no strengths or weaknesses against any type of Unit.

Best Tiki Emblem Skills to Inherit

As with most Emblems, their stat skills are always useful, but they’re expensive and your slots are limited, although the combination of HP/Lck for one slot is tempting. The "Lifesphere" iconLifesphere skills (at Levels 9, 15, and 20) are great at healing nearby allies and removing any statues.

"Starsphere" iconStarsphere, however, is where Tiki really shines and is arguably one of the better skills to learn in the game. It should have a permanent slot for all of your allies although it will take a while to amass the 1500 SP needed for it. This skill will double the growth rate for your unit, making each level up that much more meaningful. This skill is the main reason for the Tiki Emblem and can mess with the game’s balance, especially on lower difficulties.

Pairing Tiki with someone who has high MOV can be beneficial.

Best Tiki Emblem Pairings

Tiki is a rare Emblem that will improve any Unit she is paired with, so in that sense, it’s hard to go wrong with who you assign her to. The one thing to bear in mind is that your MOV will be the same as the Unit you pair with, so if you want to use her to get around the battlefield quickly, don’t put her on someone who is a General.

"Alear" iconAlear makes a great pairing for Tiki, although she does have better options for her Emblem and using another Unit to give Alear Diving Blessing improves your odds of not failing a map. Still, on the other hand, this will give Alear a massive boost to their stats across the board, increasing survivability.

One other character that can make a lot of use out of Tiki is "Anna" iconAnna. Anna is useful for farming Gold with her Personal Skill, "Make a Killing" iconMake a Killing. The problem is, this triggers based on the Luck stat, this is where Tiki comes in as she offers plenty of boosts to the stat.

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