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How to Beat Eirika's Paralogue

Jessica Dillon

Paralogues are extra chapters that players can take on to get exclusive rewards, help level up their army, and raise the support level of Emblems. Each Emblem has their own Paralogue to beat so that you can raise their bond level to 20. Eirika’s Paralogue is a tricky one, and many players end up losing units early into battle. The guide below goes over the best way to beat Eirika in her Paralogue without having to sacrifice any of your units in the process.

The start of Eirika's Paralogue.

How to Unlock Eirika’s Paralogue: The Azure Twin in Fire Emblem Engage

Once you gain Eirika and beat Chapter 16 her Paralogue, The Azure Twin, will unlock. You can find the entrance to her Paralogue on the Solm part of the map, and you are able to take it on any time that you feel comfortable that your units can beat the stage.

How to Defeat Eirika at The Dark Ruins

Before you start this paralogue, You will want to pick up "Wyrmslayer" iconWyrmslayer from the weapon shop. It costs 2,500 G and can make quick work of these enemies. Once you start the map, you will immediately notice that there are two Wyrms on the map and that they are located extremely close to your starting point. A good strategy is to reposition your army and let the closer enemies come to you to clear the path forward. Having flying units like "Ivy" iconIvy and "Rosado" iconRosado are a safe bet. As always, make sure you also bring an archer like "Alcryst" iconAlcryst to the battle.

These are a real hazard as they have a magic attack that can hit you from four blocks away. You will want to focus on knocking these enemies out first. You will want to split your army up, one going towards the right and one towards the left. Do not go down the middle, as you will aggro both Wyrms at once. Make your way around the sides and take out the Wyrms. You will also want to make use of "Seadall" iconSeadall to help give your units extra moves.

Wyrm starting position in The Azure Twin Paralogue.

There are two chests in this area, and thieves that are after the treasure inside. One is located on the right, while the other is on the map. You can either head for the treasure right away or kill the thieves as they try to escape as they need to walk by you. Once you begin to get close to Eirika, be sure to focus on taking out the "High Priest" iconHigh Priests so that they can’t heal their allies. Be wary of the Freeze attack.

Once you get close, Eirika will start to proceed toward your units. Like most bosses, she has two health bars. She will also summon three flying additional units to the battle that you will need to quickly take down. Be cautious of her wind sword, as it has a two-block radius and will kill off your flying units. She also has a rapier and a sword. Once you are close enough to hit her, try to take her down as quickly as possible.

All Treasure in the Fort of Hope

There are two treasure chests on this level, one to your right and one to your left. They are both behind doors and have an enemy waiting to fight your units inside; here’s what you can obtain from these two chests.

Item Location
Second Seal Left Chest
"Seraph Robe" iconSeraph Robe Right Chest


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