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How to Obtain The Pact Ring

Jessica Dillon

Many of the Paralogues in Fire Emblem Engage helps you strengthen your army in some way. The Connector is a bit different as the whole Paralogue is centered around getting the Pact Ring from an enemy unit. This is the ring you need to raise a unit of your choosing to S-Rank and unlock romance dialogue in the game. Luckily, this isn’t a particularly difficult map. The guide below goes over how to obtain the Pact Ring in Fire Emblem Engage.

Corrupted appearing to steal the Pact Ring in The Connector Paralogue.

How to Unlock The Connector in Fire Emblem Engage

Once you have completed Chapter 22, this Paralogue will unlock. You should go ahead and do this one before completing the rest of the story. Keep in mind that you will need to max out the unit you want to give the Pact Ring’s support rank before being able to use it. This will immediatly turn that unit into an S-Rank support, give you a memento, and remove the Pact Ring from your inventory.

How to Get The Pact Ring at The Garden of Memories

When you spawn into this map, you will notice it’s a bit easier to traverse than the ones you’ve been fighting on recently. The whole focus here is getting the Pact Ring back by defeating the unit holding it. This unit doesn’t move out of range fast, and you can easily catch up to him by using mounted units like "Rosado" iconRosado. Like other maps that are focused on having a good range of movement, "Seadall" iconSeadall and "Byleth" iconByleth can be useful here.

In the first couple of rounds, you will want to position yourself to get the Pact Ring. You will want to wipe out as many units as possible before doing so, as the second you get the ring, more enemy units will spawn in from all sides. This is a high number of units, but don’t panic. The southern reinforcements will stay put while you wipe the map of the other units.

Reinforcments spawing after you obtain the Pact Ring.

If you feel confident enough and are positioned right, then you likely can even take out the boss, a corrupted hero, without worrying about the rest of the enemies. Like most boss enemies, he has two health bars, but a couple of Emblem attacks will take him out quickly. Once you complete this Paralogue and obtain the Pact Ring, you can immediately give it to a character by speaking with them in Somniel. If you need help increasing your ranking with your favorite character, check out our gift and dish guides.

Please keep in mind that the younger characters aren’t able to be romanced, but you can still give them the ring for a platonic or flirty scene. This guide gives you the list of characters you can romance in Fire Emblem Engage.

All Treasure in The Connector

There aren’t any treasure chests on this map, but there is a single enemy that drops 1000 G. You will get the Pact Ring item after completing this Paralogue.


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