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Fire Emblem Engage

Leisure Activities in Somniel & When They Unlock

Jessica Dillon

Somniel will open up in Chapter 3 and is where leisure activities will take place. It’s here that you can bond with your party members and go shopping. At first, not much will be unlocked in Somniel, but as you go through the story more facilities will open up. Below we go over every area and facility in Fire Emblem Engage, when they unlock, and what they do.

My Room

Your room has two features a dresser that you can place a special object on and a bed to rest in. By sleeping in the bed, you can pass time in Somniel and trigger special cutscenes where different characters come to speak with "Alear" iconAlear. This feature will unlock as soon as Somniel does in Chapter 3 of the story.

Inside of Alear’s Room.

Café Terrace

Cafe Terrace opens up in Chapter 3, but you won’t have access to all of its features until Chapter 6. Many characters will sit in the cafe, and you can chat with them or use one of its three facilities.

Facility When it Unlocks Use
Music Box Chapter 3 Allows you to change music in Somniel.
Bulletin Board Chapter 3 Lets you check your in-game accomplishments, view the map and make donations.
Order Meal Chapter 6 Allows you to cook and give meals to party members to increase your relationship with them.

Dining menu at Cafe Terrace.

Ring Chamber

The Ring Chamber allows you to do a variety of ring-related tasks. You can bond with Emblems if you polish rings, make bond rings, meld bond rings, inherit skills, and engage weapons.

Inside of the Ring Chamber.


The Arena unlocks at Chapter 5. It can be used to train your characters and strengthen their bonds. You can also train your Emblems here, but there is a set number of times you can train them after every completed battle.

Inside of the Arena.


The Plaza is where you always start out when arriving in Somniel. It has several facilities that unlock, and characters will gather there, allowing you to chat with them.

Facility When it Unlocks Use
Item Shop Chapter 4 You can buy items to use in battle.
Armory Chapter 4 You can buy armor to use in battle.
Smithy Chapter 5 You can refine and engrave weapons here, as well as, exchange metals.
Boutique Chapter 5 You can buy stylish clothes that won’t help you in battle.

The Plaza area in Somniel.


This is a pool area down from the Plaza where you can chat with party members.

Facility When it Unlocks Use
Flea Market Chapter 13 A place to purchase metal and gift items.
Fortune-Teller Chapter 15 A nightly activity that increases your chance for a Support Event.

The poolside in Somniel.


The Orchard is a location where you can chat with characters and gather fruit. Once you reach Chapter 5, you will also be able to use it to scan amiibos.

Facility When it Unlocks Use
amiibo Gazebo Chapter 5 Scan amiibos for in-game rewards.

Gathering fruit from the orchard.


The pond doesn’t have any use until you are able to unlock fishing.

Facility When it Unlocks Use
Fishing Chapter 8 Catching fish to use in recipes.

The poolside in Somniel.

Training Yard

The training yard is a place you can go to bolster your stats for your next battle. It won’t be of much use until you unlock Strength Training in Chapter 4.

Facility When it Unlocks Use
Strength Training Chapter 4 Increases your stats for your next battle by having you play a mini-game.
Wyvern Ride Chapter 11 A mini-game where you ride Wyverns.

Strength Training mini-game.


The farmyard is where you’re going to be gathering many food items. Once you unlock the Stable, you will also be able to keep animals here and let them out to graze.

Facility When it Unlocks Use
Stable Chapter 4 Allows you to keep animals, let them out to graze, and gather items from them.
Records Hall Chapter 6 Allows you to make a card to show to other players with your in-game information.

Interacting with a dog in the Somniel Farmyard.


The Grotto is a place where you can collect free bond fragments, meet Sommie, and interact with him.

Facility When it Unlocks Use
Sommie Chapter 3 A strange creature you can pet and feed.

Meeting Sommie in the Grotto

Lookout Ridge

A place you can go to speak with your party members.

Lookout Ridge in Somniel.

Tower of Trials

A Challenge area that unlocks when you reach Chapter 6. There are three different types of trials, two of which are online only. Completing them will earn you rewards.

Tower of Trials entrance in Somniel.

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