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Fire Emblem Engage

Chapter 15 - Dancer in The Ruins

Jessica Dillon

There are quite a few maps that are tricky in Fire Emblem Engage. Each chapter has its own unique challenges you will need to work through in order to complete the stage. The further you go into the game’s story, the trickier it becomes to navigate these stages without losing any of your units. This is especially true when combating hazards on the battlefield, like in Chapter 15 in Fire Emblem Engage. The guide below goes over how to successfully complete Dancer in The Ruins, save "Seadall" iconSeadall, and get all the stages treasure chests without losing your units in the process.

Seadall in !Dancer in The Ruins.

How to Reach Dancer in The Ruins

Once you have completed Chapter 14, you will be able to start Dancer in The Ruins. It’s here that you will get Emblem "Corrin" iconCorrin, recruit Seadall, and unlock fortune telling for Somniel after beating the stage.

Chapter 15 - Dancer in The Ruins Walkthrough

This map is a bit complex for a few different reasons. You have to recruit Seadall, navigate dangerous miasma, and break down walls. The map is divided into six different sections, plus a bonus treasure room. Each of these sections has its own enemies, and the entranceways will funnel your team. This, partnered with the small hallway in section three and the continuously growing problem of Misama as you progress, makes this stage pretty complex.

The best way to tackle this map is to take it on in pieces. First off, bring a unit that can help heal your party, like "Pandreo" iconPandreo. For this walkthrough, we will be avoiding the miasma tiles altogether. The first thing you will want to do is clear the map’s first section of enemies. Don’t worry too much about Seadall, as he can hold his own for quite a bit.

If you want to recruit him a bit quicker, then using a warp stick can send "Alear" iconAlear directly to him. Once you recruit Seadall, he can Engage with Corrin and will have the ability Dragon Vein. This creates ice on nearby tiles that will get rid of miasma, the only problem is that this ability has a short range. Once you have rid the first part of the map from enemies and have recruited Seadall, destroy the first door.

miasma in !Fire Emblem Engage.

Ideally, you want to move Seadall to dispel the miasma and then send in your other units to deal with any enemies. Since this room is divided by a wall, you will either need to funnel everyone to the next door using a path opened by Seadall or work your way around the Misama tiles on the other side. Once you reach the end of the room, destroy the second door to open the third part of the map. Be wary, as this is a narrow hallway that greatly restricts your movement.

You will want to send in Seadall to remove the first bit of miasma and then send in other units to defeat the group of enemies in the room. Once you get to the end of the hallway, destroy the door on the side and send in Seadall to clear the miasma in front of the chest, there are a few enemies in this room that you will also need to deal with. Afterward, destroy the fourth door to proceed into the next part of the stage. This room is filled with miasma, so to even begin to maneuver around it, Seadall will have to use Dragon Vein. Follow the same strategy here, use Seadall to make a path, and then your combat-focused units to wipe out enemies.

The next door you need to destroy will lead to the final room and the exit of the ruins. Be extremely cautious, as the enemies inside can take out Seadall quickly. You will want to use him to remove the miasma directly in front of the doorway and then send in units to protect him. Inside of this room, there is a boss enemy that will restore himself once. Focus your units on taking him out and clearing the room. Before you leave, use Seadall to grab the treasure cheat and then place him on the green tiles and select escape.

All Treasure in Dancer in The Ruins

There isn’t much treasure in Chapter 15, and there aren’t any enemies who drop items. The chart below tells what items are inside of each chest in the level.

Item Location
Energy Drop The chest behind the extra breakable door.
Talisman Chest in the stage’s last room.
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