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Fire Emblem Engage

How to Recruit Jean in Fire Emblem Engage

Nathan Garvin

Paralogue battles are essentially side missions that typically earn you new characters, powerful items, flesh out some lore or character development, or some combination thereof. In this case of this particular Paralogue, it’ll allow you to recruit "Jean" iconJean. This page will discuss how to unlock the Paralogue Budding Talent and once done, how to recruit Jean.

You’ll unlock Jean’s Paralogue after completing the story battle in Chapter 5.

How to Find Jean’s Paralogue: Tea-Filled Village in Fire Emblem Engage

After completing the main story mission in Chapter 5 (Firene Castle) you’ll unlock the Jean’s Paralogue, Paralogue Budding Talent, which can be found on an island southeast of the Florra Mill Town (Chapter 4’s story battle). The enemies in this battle aren’t overly numerous or strong - you should be strong enough to defeat them as soon as this Paralogue unlocks.

(1 of 3) The Corrupted will attack the villagers guarding the clinic,

How to Recruit Jean in Fire Emblem Engage

When the fight starts, a man named Sean will lament the villagers who couldn’t escape the corrupted before being interrupted by his son, Jean, who will insist on helping out. Together Jean and Sean - both "Martial Monk" iconMartial Monks - will fend off the clinic along the northern edge of the map, along with several Firenese Villagers, who are largely meat shields for the Corrupted to chew on. This sounds dire, but both Jean and Sean are equipped with "Heal" iconHeal Staves, and despite being offensively impotent, these villagers can take a hit or two, and with the Eans healing them, they form a pretty sturdy body barrier.

They won’t last forever, and that’s where you come in. You’ll need to make your way north through the map, killing Corrupted in an attempt to relieve the besieged clinic. When you make it up there, just talk to Jean with "Alear" iconAlear and he’ll join you. Your enemies aren’t very impressive or concentrated, but you only get to field seven units this battle. On the plus side, there are numerous woods you can hide in, granting you a whopping AVO+30 boost. Lead with high DEF/RES/AVO units, moving from cover to cover to draw Corrupted in, then take them out in small groups. Rinse, wash and repeat and you’ll have cleared the way to Jean in no time.

(1 of 3) Take cover in woods and thickets as you advance to give yourself an advantage.

All Treasure in the Tea-Filled Village

While Jean is the main prize for this battle, there are also some houses you can visit to pick up extra loot, just like in Chapter 4’s story battle. To do this, just move a character onto the glowing yellow tile in front of a house and pick the “Visit” option. There are two houses you can visit, one directly in front of you, and one to the east of your starting position. Fortunately the Corrupted don’t seem overly keen on attacking these houses, but a mounted unit with the "Sigurd" iconSigurd Emblem can make it over to the eastern house in two turns, if you want to avoid taking any chances. That and Emblem "Celica" iconCelica’s Warp Ragnarok should allow you to blitz over to the eastern house, where you’ll score an Energy Drop - must more lucrative than the other house’s offering, a "Defense Tonic" iconDefense Tonic.

Other that the generous peasants, the Corrupted "Axe Fighter" iconAxe Fighter immediately to the east of where you start will drop a "Poleaxe" iconPoleaxe when defeated, and a Corrupted "Mage" iconMage and a Corrupted "Lance Flier" iconLance Flier in the field east of the clinic will both forfeit 1,000G.

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