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Fire Emblem Engage

How to Donate in Fire Emblem Engage

Nathan Garvin

While the Somniel may be a bastion of safety and tranquility, the rest of the world isn’t quite so peaceful. With dark forces conspiring to seize the Emblem Rings for themselves, the various realms could use some help, and little greases the wheels better than some cold hard cash. This page will cover the basics of making donations in Fire Emblem Engage, including how to make donations and what benefits you’ll receive for doing so.

You can make donations via the Bulletin Board in the Cafe Terrace in the Somniel.

How to Make Donations in Fire Emblem Engage

In the Cafe Terrace in the Somniel you’ll find the Bulletin Board, which you can interact with to find the “Donations” option. Choose this option and you’ll see the various regions you’ve traveled to - at first only Firene, but later you’ll add Brodia, Elusia and Solm. Each of these realms could benefit from the donation of divine dragon doubloons, and you’ll secure various benefits for doing so. There are five Donation Levels you can reach, each of which is unlocked by donating a cumulative sum of gold:

Donation Level Gold Donated
1 > 5,000G
2 5,000G - 14,999G
3 15,000G - 39,999G
4 40,000G - 89,999G
5 90,000G+

You can donate in increments of 100G, 1,000G, 10,000G, or you have the option to simply give however much gold is required to reach the next Donation Level, which is handy. It’s not all that hard to reach Donation Level 3 in each region, which will only set you back 15,000G, but you’ll need to find another 25,000G to hit Donation Level 4 and a whopping 50,000G to reach Donation Level 5, which is quite a lot of money. To max out all four realms you’ll need to dig deep into your pockets to muster the 360,000G required, which is something you probably won’t manage to do until late-game. The benefits, however, can pay for themselves, and it’s honestly not a bad idea to sink the first 15,000G you earn into Firene. Doesn’t do you much good to have a bunch of cash burning a hole in your pocket if you’re lacking the resources to put that gold to use - upgrading weapons, for example.

(1 of 3) Donate gold to increase a realm’s Donation Level,

What Benefits Do You Get for Donating in Fire Emblem Engage?

When you reach new Donations Levels you’ll earn two types of rewards, one immediate, and one a bit more obscure.

Each realm has its own list of rewards for reaching each Donation Level, and these can include clothing characters can wear in the Somniel, weapons (sometimes fairly potent ones, at higher Donation Levels), animals, food, metals and an obligatory offering of Bond Fragments. All well and good, but arguably not worth the gold you spent.

Fortunately, you also get other lingering rewards, albeit ones that require some effort on your part to make good on. First, the higher a realm’s Donation Level is, the more likely you are to encounter higher-tier Corrupted enemies during Skirmishes (randomly spawning, optional battles on previously conquered maps) which are more powerful, but also yield more EXP when defeated. These come in two tiers, Gold Corrupted and Silver Corrupted, and it’s worth noting that Elusia has a Gold Corrupted rate of 70% when its Donation Level is maxed, while Solm has a Silver Corrupted rate of 70% if you’re a top-tier donor. Firene and Brodia are 40%/30% Gold Corrupted and 30%/40% Silver Corrupted, respectively, meaning the realms will feature rather different tiers of enemies when you’ve maxed them all out.

In addition your Exploration rewards (the loot you can pick up immediately after battles) will also be increased, earning you more metal, ingredients and Bond Fragments whenever you investigate loot spots. Finally, you’ll also be able to adopt a greater variety of pets from each region as your Donation Level increases.

All in all, donating gold will ensure you end up richer in the long run, especially if you intend to do any serious amount of grinding in Skirmishes.

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