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Fire Emblem Engage

Strength Training Mini Games in Fire Emblem Engage

Nathan Garvin

The Somniel may be a place where you can relax, socialize, and rest up for your next battle, but it’s also a fine spot to get some exercise in. Doing a bit of strength training at the Training Yard between battles will help keep you loose and limber between bouts, improving your performance for the next battle. This page will cover each of the three exercises at the Training Grounds - Push-Ups, Sit-Ups and Squats - how to succeed at each one, and the benefits you’ll get from doing so.

How to Strength Train and the Training Grounds in Fire Emblem Engage

After reaching Chapter 4 you’ll be able to visit the Training Grounds and indulge in some Strength Training. Talk to the character overseeing the Training Grounds (this will vary each visit) and you’ll get to choose between three minigames - Push-Ups, Sit-Ups and Squats.

Before we discuss each one, there are some similarities between all three that we may as well cover, first. Your goal in each minigame is to perform twenty reps of the activity in question while avoiding mistakes. The better you perform, the more points you earn, and should you complete the minigame successfully you’ll earn a stat boost that’ll last until the end of the next battle (main story, Paralogue or Skirmish - it doesn’t matter). Better scores and higher difficulties will result in higher stat boosts.

If you’ve increased Sommie’s affection, you can invite it along with you when you exercise. If so, Sommie may intervene when (if) you make a mistake, invalidating that error and giving you more chances to succeed at the minigame. In addition to stat boosts you’ll also earn Bond Fragments for exercising, but only the first exercise you complete will yield any rewards.

Stop the slider as it approaches the bottom of the bar to perform a push-up.


The push-ups minigame tasks you with stopping a slider at the bottom of a bar. The slider otherwise bobs up and down, slowing near the top of the bar and speeding up near the bottom, speeding up every several reps. The only real trick to this minigame is stopping the slider as it approaches the colored “hit” area - there’s a rhythm to this, and you’ll need to stop the slider earlier the faster the slider moves. If you miss three times you’ll fail the exercise.

Succeeding at Push-Ups will earn you a boost to your STR.

Button mash until the slider reaches the top of the bar to complete a sit-up.


Perhaps the most tedious of the minigames, this is just a button mashing endurance test. Smash the button to raise the slider, and when it reaches the top of the bar you’ll complete a rep. If you can’t keep mashing the button and the slider hits the bottom of the bar, you’ll fail the exercise.

"Alear" iconAlear will gain a bonus to their HP if they succeed at Sit-Ups.

Hit the button prompts as they descend to perform squats.


If you’ve played any rhythm games, you’ll be familiar with the Squats minigame. A line of button prompts will descend, and when they reach a hit spot at the bottom, press the indicated buttons. Miss three notes and you’ll fail the exercise. On easier difficulties, the button prompts move so slow, the only real chance you have at failing is if you fall asleep waiting for the next notes to descend.

Complete this exercise and Alear may gain a DEX buff during the next battle.

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