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Best Roy Emblem Skills And Pairings

Ben Chard

The best "Roy" iconRoy Emblem skills and pairings are here in this very page. With his boosts to Str, "Roy" iconRoy is an excellent Emblem to Sync to some of your stronger melee units. He’s known as the Emblem of Binding and has type bonuses with most melee classes. This page will tell you everything you need to know about him.

You will get the "Roy" iconRoy Emblem in Chapter 8.

Roy Emblem Basic Stats and Background

Engage Attack Engage Skill Usable Weapons
"Blazing Lion" iconBlazing Lion "Rise Above" iconRise Above, Foe Engage Attack Damage/2 "Lancereaver" iconLancereaver, "Wyrmslayer (Roy)" iconWyrmslayer (Roy), "Binding Blade" iconBinding Blade

"Roy" iconRoy is from Fire Emblem: The "Binding Blade" iconBinding Blade that released back on the Gameboy "Advance" iconAdvance, the first Fire Emblem title to do so. You’ll have to wait until Chapter 8 to obtain this Emblem Ring, where he comes synced to "Diamant" iconDiamant.

His "Blazing Lion" iconBlazing Lion Engage Attack is an attack that targets several spaces in front of him and ignites the affected terrain in flames. His Engage Skill, "Rise Above" iconRise Above, will temporarily raise the Unit’s Level and all of their stats, potent in the right hands.

Roy’s Playstyle

As mentioned above, "Roy" iconRoy is predominately aimed at melee units on the front line. He’ll offer boosts to Strength and his "Hold Out" iconHold Out series of skills will allow you to take a few more risks as you can get away with losing a battle. "Blazing Lion" iconBlazing Lion, despite its Area of Effect capabilities, is rather a letdown, although you can use the flames that persist afterwards to block a path.

The "Lancereaver" iconLancereaver weapon that "Roy" iconRoy starts with is an interesting one, as unlike most swords that are strong against axes, this is the opposite, offering an advantage against lances but weakness to axes. His final weapon, "Binding Blade" iconBinding Blade, is another potent sword that offers a boost to Def/Res while also allowing the unit to attack from range.

Best Roy Emblem Skills to Inherit

As with most Emblems, their stat skills are always useful, but they’re expensive and your slots are limited. The "Hold Out" iconHold Out series of Skills (Bond Levels 1, 8, 13, and 18) are the clear focus on "Roy" iconRoy’s Skills. This skill will allow the Unit to survive an otherwise lethal attack provided they have a certain amount of HP when the battle is initiated. This is at 30/20/10% for the first three versions of the skill and then as long as he has 2 HP with "Hold Out+++" iconHold Out+++ at Bond Level 18. This is a good Skill to learn and bring along on harder difficulties or with the Classic game mode applied.

"Roy" iconRoy’s other non-stat Skill is "Advance" iconAdvance, which will allow you to move an extra space towards a foe that is two away and still attack. An effective skill when Synced, but not one worth using your precious SP and slots on. Sword Powers are interesting skills that will raise your Atk, but you may not want to deal with the Avoid penalty that comes with them.

(1 of 2) It's a good idea to leave "Roy" iconRoy with "Diamant" iconDiamant

It's a good idea to leave "Roy" iconRoy with "Diamant" iconDiamant (left), the "Lancereaver" iconLancereaver sword is stronger against lances unlike most other swords. (right)

Best Roy Emblem Pairings

"Roy" iconRoy is the first of many following Emblems that are interchangeable across many of your Units, mainly because he doesn’t have a niche that makes him excel at a specific role. With that in mind, you’re looking at sword-based melee Units to make the best use of this Emblem.

Naturally, being the Unit that comes with this Emblem, "Diamant" iconDiamant is an excellent choice to keep it equipped. "Diamant" iconDiamant is a tanky character by nature that uses swords so will make the best use of "Hold Out" iconHold Out and the Sword Power skills that come with syncing to him (you’re not going to be avoiding much with "Roy" iconRoy).

"Louis" iconLouis is another choice for this Emblem (if you’ve not got "Sigurd" iconSigurd on him), as he’s already one of the tankiest characters in Fire Emblem Engage and this will give him extra survivability through "Hold Out" iconHold Out, perfect for if a lone "Mage" iconMage happens to get the jump on him.

These are but two of the Units you may wish to try "Roy" iconRoy on, but the reality is, any character that can take a beating and doesn’t rely on Avoid is a good choice for this Emblem.


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