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Fire Emblem Engage

How to Beat Leif

Jessica Dillon

In order to fully level up the bond level or Emblems, you will need to unlock and complete their Paralogue Chapters. This can be a bit tough as these chapters are a bit trickier than the challenges that you will encounter while doing the main story. "Leif" iconLeif’s Paralogue is no exception and can easily have your army hurting in just a few turns if you don’t know what to watch out for. The guide below goes over how to beat Leif’s Paralogue in Fire Emblem Engage without losing any units and what treasure you can find while exploring the map and defeating enemies.

The start of the battle in Leif’s Paralogue.

How to Unlock Leif’s Paralogue: The Sage Lord in Fire Emblem Engage

After you complete Chapter 18 of the main story, Leif’s Paralogue will unlock. You can find this Paralogue located on the map in the country of Firene.

How to Defeat Leif

Much like "Sigurd" iconSigurd’s Paralogue, Leifs appears a bit overwhelming at first, thanks to the high numbers of enemy units on the map, coupled with the ballista. You will need to bring along some armored units like "Louis" iconLouis to absorb ballista damage while moving through the map. Using Sigurd to easily teleport around to enemies will also give you a huge advantage when taking out the ballista.

A ballista can hit you up to twelve blocks away, and it will quickly take down any flying units you have. Once you have figured out a safe position for your units, push down towards the bridge. Most of the enemies you face are weak and can be knocked out relatively quickly. Enemies will back up to lure your team into the ballista range, be sure not to fall for this, as it will cause you a hefty amount of damage.

In addition, there are "High Priest" iconHigh Priests on the field with spells like "Freeze" iconFreeze that will try and trap you in place. Each ballista only has three shots, so if you can use them up while keeping your armored units healed with a character like "Ivy" iconIvy, then you will be good to go. Once you reach turn 5, you will need to be careful, as enemies will continuously enter the map on the right side.

A Ballista ready to fire in Leif’s Paralogue.

As soon as you have your army across the bridge, the second bridge, Leif will attack the bridge, locking you into battle. At this point in time, you will need to begin taking him on directly. He can use both ranged and close-range attacks, and his "Quadruple Hit" iconQuadruple Hit will likely take one of your units out in a single blow. To counter him, you will want to watch the weapon he has out and break it.

Leif has two health bars, so be sure to take him down as quickly as possible to keep from losing any units. Sadly, taking him down in a single turn is one of the only ways to ensure you don’t get hit with Quadruple Hit, so be careful when planning out your moves.

All Treasure in Bridges in a Row

All of the items that you can collect from enemies around the map are going to be drops. The chart below shows every item you can get from defeating the various enemies in Leif’s Paralogue.

Item Location
1000 G Common Enemy Drop
Pure Water "Lance Fighter" iconLance Fighter.
"Magic Tonic" iconMagic Tonic "Lance Fighter" iconLance Fighter.
Speedwing "Lance Fighter" iconLance Fighter.
"Silence" iconSilence "Lance Fighter" iconLance Fighter.
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