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Best Bond Rings In Fire Emblem Engage

Jacob Woodward

Fire Emblem Engage is all about creating those relationships with characters to aid you in your progression through the game. Now, while this can be done by increasing support levels, for example, one of the best ways to increase your power is to equip your Emblems with Bond Rings to further their abilities.

However, due to there being rings left, right, and centre in Fire Emblem Engage, it’s more than a little confusing as to which Bond Rings are best to pair with which Emblem. What we’re going to do for you here though is list the best Bond Rings for each Emblem in Fire Engage so you have a go-to list for when that difficulty starts to ramp up.

What Are The Best Bond Rings In Fire Emblem Engage?

"Ryoma" iconRyoma Bond Ring in Fire Emblem Engage

Before we get into the Rings themselves, let’s first talk about the Bond Ring tiers. The tier of Bond Ring can range from C to S, with C being the worst and S being the best. Naturally, if you want one of the best Bond Rings, you’re going to be looking for that all-important S letter as these are not only the ones that have the biggest stat benefits, but you’ll also have a chance of receiving a passive skill.

It’s these skills that really differentiate the best Bond Rings from the rest, and the list below will be solely comprised of the Rings that are both S in rank, as well as having the most useful skill. We believe that these are the ones that offer the biggest buffs for your characters and hopefully get you over the line in those later Chapters.

Without further ado, here is the complete list of best Bond Rings broken down Emblem by Emblem:


For the best Bond Ring for Emblem "Marth" iconMarth, there are two in contention - "Caeda" iconCaeda or "Navarre" iconNavarre as these are the only two S-Rank Rings with skills.

"Caeda" iconCaeda offers up a +1 in both DEX and LCK, as well as a +2 in SPD. Where it really shines is with its skill which allows the unit to take 5 less damage if the foe initiates combat and if your HP is at 50% or less. This will likely get you out of some pretty tough spots if you’re being overrun by enemies, and keep your support alive for longer.

"Navarre" iconNavarre on the other hand provides similar stat bonuses with a +1 to SPD and LCK but its DEX that gets the biggest upgrade with a +2. For its skill, you’re looking at a Crit+10 during combat if you attack with a sword. This is especially useful for units like "Alear" iconAlear, but can be quite restrictive if you’re fielding a bunch of archers and axe wielders.

In our eyes, the best Bond Ring for "Marth" iconMarth does go to "Caeda" iconCaeda as it’s a little more flexible on what units you can use it on and essentially keeps your supports alive for longer.


For "Sigurd" iconSigurd, akin to "Marth" iconMarth, you have two S-Rank Bond Rings that have skills. These are "Deirdre" iconDeirdre and "Seliph" iconSeliph, and again, both have very differing skills.

Looking initially at "Deirdre" iconDeirdre, this Bond Ring provides a +1 in MAG and DEX, with a +2 in RES. Where it comes into its own though is the fantastic skill it possesses. When equipped, it allows the unit to recover 5 HP each turn, absolutely brilliant for battles that are lasting a long time.

Moving to "Seliph" iconSeliph, this Ring is more for units looking to attack physically as it gives a +2 buff to STR, with DEX and DEF getting a +1 each. Moreover, the skill of this Ring furthers its physical attack benefits as it grants a stacking +1 crit each time your unit initiates combat and defeats a foe. This bonus lasts for the rest of the battle but maxes out at 10.

While on the face of it you might think "Seliph" iconSeliph is the top option here, "Deirdre" iconDeirdre is our best "Sigurd" iconSigurd Bond Ring selection. This is because the HP recovery is top-tier, and probably keeps "Sigurd" iconSigurd alive for the duration of the battle no matter what. "Seliph" iconSeliph’s crit increase is nice, but you won’t get its full benefit unless you’re battling for some time.


"Celica" iconCelica has two possible options as the best Bond Ring for her - "Alm" iconAlm and "Mae" iconMae. But, to be frank, there’s no need to go into depth on "Alm" iconAlm, as "Mae" iconMae is the absolute stand out selection here.

This is due to the +2 gain in MAG, +1 SPD and +1 RES alongside its incredible magic skill. If the unit uses "Thunder" iconThunder, "Elthunder" iconElthunder, or "Thoron" iconThoron, you will deal +20% damage, and considering that you’ll likely be using "Celica" iconCelica in a magic capacity, "Mae" iconMae has to be your choice.


Looking at "Micaiah" iconMicaiah’s best Bond Ring options, there is, again, only one that is worth any salt. You’re going to want to pick up "Sothe" iconSothe here as the skill is far and above anything else.

Looking initially on the S-Rank attribute benefits though, you’ll be receiving a +2 in DEX, +1 in SPD, and +1 in LCK. The +2 in DEX is particularly useful, especially when you look at the skill.

The skill has a chance to reduce a foe’s HP to 1, even if your attack doesn’t do that much damage. The trigger percentage of this is equal to half of your DEX stat so in combination with the +2 increase you already receive from the Ring this is nice. The only downside to this Bond Ring is that certain foes are immune to this effect, but due to it being so superior, there’s not really much to consider.


There are two best Bond Rings options for "Roy" iconRoy - "Lilina" iconLilina or "Dieck" iconDieck. Each of these has its own benefits depending on your playstyle or what character you’re using the Emblem with.

"Lilina" iconLilina, for example, boasts improvements to MAG, LCK, and RES with +2, +1, and +1 respectively, making her great for magic users. Additionally, the skill furthers this by dealing an extra 20% damage if the unit uses "Fire" iconFire, "Elfire" iconElfire, or "Bolganone" iconBolganone.

"Dieck" iconDieck on the other hand is definitely more beneficial for those looking to physically attack. This is because it not only adds +1 to STR and DEX, but also a whopping +5 to HP. The skill, however, is where you can utilise it to the max. This is due to it granting an additional 20 damage when the unit uses a smash weapon.

Overall, "Dieck" iconDieck is the pick here as the best Bond Ring for "Roy" iconRoy as you can’t pass up that +20 damage, probably reducing enemies to minimal health. That +5 to HP is also great too as its always nice to have a bit more of a safety net.


"Leif" iconLeif has two potential Rings that could be useful for you. We’ve got "Finn" iconFinn or "Olwen" iconOlwen. "Finn" iconFinn grants you a +2 in SPD as well as +1s in STR and DEX. "Olwen" iconOlwen on the other hand provides a +2 in SPD with +1s in MAG and LCK.

Right off the bat, you can see that "Olwen" iconOlwen caters to magic users, and this is doubled down on with the skill. This allows the unit who initiates combat with "Thunder" iconThunder equipped to attack twice, a useful attribute to have against those with lots of health.

"Finn" iconFinn, however, has a more broad skill allowing the unit to avoid the foe’s attack when you would be defeated. This triggers based on LCK% up to a max of 50%.

For us, we’d suggest that the best Bong Ring for "Leif" iconLeif is "Finn" iconFinn, because you’re able to use it with any unit, and simply allows you to escape death for at least one turn.


The two options to choose from for "Lucina" iconLucina are either "Chrom" iconChrom or "Lissa" iconLissa. "Lissa" iconLissa, unless you’re wanting to run it with a healer, is a little useless. This is because the skill is when you heal an ally with a staff you’ll restore +5 HP to target. So, right off the bat, we’d suggest going with "Chrom" iconChrom.

"Chrom" iconChrom offers up a +5 to HP anyway as well as +1s to DEX and SPD. The skill isn’t the most extravagant but adds 5% to trigger rate for all skills with trigger rates, so will be more usable overall compared to "Lucina" iconLucina.


For "Lyn" iconLyn, there are two Bond Rings with a skill, but the one to go for is "Eliwood" iconEliwood. You’ll receive +2 LCK, +1 STR, and +1 DEX along with the skill which provides some evasiveness. When used, you move 1 space away from adjacent ally and pull the ally along.

This will allow you to likely save a bunch of HP by avoiding an incoming attack, and probably surviving that bit longer.


In all honesty, "Ike" iconIke’s Bond Ring lineup isn’t the best as the S-Rank skills don’t offer too much in the way of buffs. There are two options though, either "Soren" iconSoren or "Mia" iconMia. If you’re running a magic user with "Wind" iconWind, "Soren" iconSoren is the pick here as the attached skill allows you to attack twice if "Wind" iconWind is used. This does, however rely on your DEX stat as the higher the stat, the higher the chance of it activating. "Mia" iconMia’s skill on the other hand simply pushes an adjacent ally with less BLD 1 space away.

So, really, it’s a toss up as to what kind of units you’re running for which is the best Bond Ring for "Ike" iconIke. If we were to pick, we’d probably say "Soren" iconSoren just about edges it but it is a little more niche so keep that in mind.


"Byleth" iconByleth, contrary to all of the other Emblems so far, has three different Bond Rings that have skills, making it a little trickier to pick the best. However, what allows it to be simpler are the actual skills. Edelgard and Dimitri have pretty solid, usable skills but Claude sadly does not, so we’ll rule that one out right away.

Looking at Edelgard, you’ll gain a +2 in both HP and STR as well as a +1 in DEF. While this is already strong, the skill is one that you’ll be using often. This is because when unit initiates combat, you’ll freeze the foe, with its trigger percentage being based on damage dealt.

Dimitri is a little more evasive as its skill allows you to make an attack against an adjacent foe, then move 1 space away from that foe after combat. Great if you want to avoid any instant damage. You’ll also receive +2 in both HP and STR, similar to Edelgard, but a +1 in DEX instead of DEF.

Overall, Edelgard is the winner here and crowned as the best Bond Ring for "Byleth" iconByleth thanks to the fact you’re going to be freezing your foe most of the time when paired with a high damage character.


For "Corrin" iconCorrin, we’re back to two available options for the best Bond Ring. Up first, there’s "Ryoma" iconRyoma, who provides increases to STR, SPD, and LCK, +1, +2, and +1 respectively. However, while these are nice, "Ryoma" iconRyoma’s skill is where it shines. If the unit’s level is higher than foe’s, it grants +10 crit during combat, and unit deals +2 damage and takes 2 less damage. This is pretty exceptional if you’ve been levelling your supports and will probably steamroll most enemies that lie in wait.

"Xander" iconXander, the second option offers up a similar skill, but is sadly just not as good - if unit initiates combat while foe’s HP is at 100%, unit deals +2 damage and takes 2 less damage. While it does deal similar damage to "Ryoma" iconRyoma’s, there aren’t too many times in battle where you’re coming up against an enemy with full HP.

Therefore, our pick for the best "Corrin" iconCorrin Bond Ring goes to "Ryoma" iconRyoma.


Last, but not least, we’ve got Eirika. There are two options again here in the form of "Innes" iconInnes and "Marisa" iconMarisa.

"Innes" iconInnes is an intriguing Ring as the skill allows you to have a guaranteed hit on your opponent. This could be pretty useful to ensure you are doing damage, but the chance of this occurring is based on the DEX stat, something you might not be focusing on.

"Marisa" iconMarisa, also has an interesting skill which instantly kills a foe when landing a critical hit. This could be absolutely crucial, especially if you’re on the back foot. This has a flat 30% chance of occurring, so definitely more likely than "Innes" iconInnes.

Overall, "Marisa" iconMarisa just about edges this one out thanks to it’s lack of reliance on another stat and is more likely to actually kill an enemy rather than just hit.


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