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How to Defeat Celica

Jessica Dillon

There are quite a few Paralogues to take on when playing Fire Emblem Engage. In addition to the ones where you gain characters, there is also a Paralogue Chapter for each of the Emblems. This includes "Celica" iconCelica, who has you fighting on a ship, one of the most interesting stage types in the game. The guide below goes over how to beat "Celica" iconCelica without losing any units in the process.

"Celica" iconCelica at the start of her Paralogue, The Caring Princess,

How to Unlock Celica’s Paralogue: The Caring Princess in Fire Emblem Engage

Once you complete Chapter 20, you will be able to challenge "Celica" iconCelica in The Caring Princess Paralogue. This is another Paralogue that is rather easy to do when you know it’s trick, so feel free to head here as soon as you finish with Chapter 20.

How to Defeat Celica at The Forgotten Shrine

The main gimmick of this stage is that there are two "Sage" iconSages that will summon four enemies each. They are located on both the right and left sides of the map, so take them down quickly. Flying units are great here, especially when it’s "Ivy" iconIvy and Hortensial. You will also want to bring along "Lyn" iconLyn to snipe "Celica" iconCelica when you’ve cleaned up the "Sage" iconSages and "Byleth" iconByleth to help you get more moves in. "Seadall" iconSeadall is also a must with his dance move.

When you start this map, you will be on the boat with two exits. There is also a canon you can fire once enemies get close enough to the shop. Send out both "Ivy" iconIvy and "Hortensia" iconHortensia, with each one exiting the boat on different sides. Your first target is taking out the two sages and cleaning up the enemies they left behind. Once this is done, move a unit with good resistance slightly down the map to get "Celica" iconCelica to warp you. Be careful of getting in range of the wyvern, though, as it hits hard.

"Sage" iconSages on in the Caring Princess Paralogue.

Once "Celica" iconCelica gets close to you, she can easily be dealt with if you use magic-based attacks. "Warp Ragnarok" iconWarp Ragnarok is her main move, so knocking her out quickly is a priority. Luckily, this can be done with the use of just two magic attacks.

All Treasure in The Caring Princess

When you get near "Celica" iconCelica the three "High Priest" iconHigh Priests, and the Wyvern will all drop 1000 G.


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