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Fire Emblem Engage

All Animal Locations

Jessica Dillon

In Fire Emblem Engage, you are able to adopt animals and bring them back to The Somniel. This allows you to collect items from them after a short period of time. In total, there are 24 animals to collect throughout the game. Below we go over what chapter every animal appears in and what they drop in Fire Emblem Engage.

A dog in The Somniel farmyard.

How to Adopt Animals in Fire Emblem Engage

In order to adopt animals in Fire Emblem Engage, you will need to complete battles to explore the open areas afterward. While exploring areas, you will find animals, many of which are region specific. Some animals can be adopted right away in Fire Emblem Engage, others will have you using the donation system to unlock them.

If you are able to adopt an animal, simply go to the map where it spawns and press Xbox-ButtonA. You will be asked if you would like to adopt the animal and if you say yes, it will be transferred to the Somniel Farmyard.

Where to Adopt Animals in Fire Emblem Engage

The chart below lists every animal in Fire Emblem Engage, where to get them, and what they drop.

Animal Location Item Drop
Elyosian Sheep Chapter Four, Paralogue 1, Paralogue4, Paralogue7, Paralogue11, Paralogue12 "Milk" iconMilk
Calisson Chicken Chapter 4, Chapter 15, Chapter 16 Paralogue1, Paralogue9 "Eggs" iconEggs
Elyosian Dog Chapter 4, Chapter 12, Paralogue7 Iron Ingot, Steel Ingot, Silver Ingot
Mère Donkey Chapter 4, Paralogue7 "Rare Vegetable" iconRare Vegetable
Southern Freecat Chapter 6, Chapter 16, Chapter 24, Paralogue13, "Salmon" iconSalmon
Elyosian Pigeon Chapter 6, Chapter 7 Chapter 11, Chapter 13, Paralogue 2 Paralogue 15 "Nuts" iconNuts
Black Elyosian Dog Chapter 6, Chapter 15, Paralogue2, Fell Paralogue 2 Iron Ingot, Steel Ingot, Silver Ingot
Brodian Cat Chapter 7, Paralogue 5 "Herring" iconHerring
Aura Eagle Chapter 7, Paralogue 5, Fell Paralogue 5 "Beef" iconBeef, "Pork" iconPork, Chicken, "Mutton" iconMutton
White Hop Rabbit Chapter 9, Chapter 24 , Paralogue11 "Berries" iconBerries
Rutile Marmot Chapter 9, Chapter 24, Paralogue 5, Fell Paralogue 5 "Rare Fruit" iconRare Fruit
Iris Owl Chapter 11, Chapter 19, Fell Paralogue3 "Berries" iconBerries, "Tomato" iconTomato
Vervain Deer Chapter 11, Chapter 24, Paralogue11, Fell Paralogue1 "Rare Vegetable" iconRare Vegetable
Hop Rabbit Chapter 11, Paralogue 9, Fell Paralogue 5 "Berries" iconBerries
Panna Camel Chapter 12, Chapter 13 "Wheat Flour" iconWheat Flour, "Rice" iconRice, "Beans" iconBeans, "Spices" iconSpices
White Elyosian Dog Chapter 13, Paralogue1, Paralogue4, Fell Paralogue1 Iron Ingot, Steel Ingot, Silver Ingot
Tartu Flamingo Chapter 13, Paralogue13, Fell Paralogue3 "Rare Fish" iconRare Fish
Solmic Cat Chapter 15, Chapter 16 Fell Paralogue 2 "Eel" iconEel
Eastern Freecat Chapter 15, Paralogue 2, Paralogue 9, Paralogue 15 "Salmon" iconSalmon
Elyosian Seagull Chapter 16, Chapter 17, Chapter 18, Chapter 19, Paralogue 10, Paralogue 13 "Nuts" iconNuts
Northern Freecat Chapter 17, Chapter 24, Paralogue 11, Paralogue 15 "Cod" iconCod
Firenese Cat Chapter 17, Paralogue 1, Fell Paralogue 3 "Carp" iconCarp
Western Freecat Chapter 19, Paralogue 12, Paralogue 15 "Sardines" iconSardines
Elusian Cat Chapter 19, Paralogue 9, Fell Paralogue 1 "Cod" iconCod

Best Animals to Have in Your Farmyard in Fire Emblem Engage

Even though you can adopt every single one of these animals and keep them in your stable, you can only have five out at a time. That means that you are only going to get five items at a time. Here are the best animals to keep out in Somniel.

  • Dogs: Metals are used at the Smity.
  • Cats: You won’t be able to get ingredient fish easily.
  • Aura Eagle: Brings you meat a hard-to-find ingredient.

If you aren’t harvesting items for a meal, keep a combination of these three out in your farmyard at all times.

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