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Fire Emblem Engage

What Is Fire Emblem Engage Wyvern Riding And How To Unlock

Jacob Woodward

While Intelligent Systems has certainly stripped back a lot of the introductions that, for example, Three Houses brought, Fire Emblem Engage, still has some fun elements that you boot up when you’re not wanting to simply battle.

The Somniel is a huge part of this, using it as a hub for not only developing character relationships, but also unlocking various other aspects of the game such as weapon upgrading, and even a farmyard.

Wyvern Rides are one such Somniel activity that many are looking to learn more about and this guide will talk through what it is and how to unlock it.

What Is Wyvern Riding In Fire Emblem Engage?

!Fire Emblem Engage Wyvern Ride options

So you’ve heard of Wyvern Riding in Fire Emblem Engage, but what exactly is it? Well, it’s actually a mini game so to speak, completely detached from both the main game’s mechanics and overall style.

Essentially, you’re riding a dragon and instead of the usual third-person perspective, you’ll be thrown into first-person. The changes to gameplay don’t stop here though. You won’t be battling, planning strategies with your units, as instead, your task is to shoot targets.

That’s right, you’ll be on the back of a dragon, shooting targets in the air. Moreover, this mode is akin to that of old-school rail type shooters such as Time Crisis or House Of The Dead, just with a little less gore. So, you don’t actually need to control the Wyvern, you’ll simply be aiming.

Completing Wyvern Rides will net you Bond Fragments as well as some pretty important items if your supports are of a high rank such as a "Vulnerary" iconVulnerary or "Antitoxin" iconAntitoxins. These sell for a decent sum at the Convoy, or keep hold of them for your main story battles.

How To Unlock Fire Emblem Engage Wyvern Rides

!Fire Emblem Engage Wyvern Riding

If you want to unlock Wyvern Riding for yourself, you will need to complete Chapter 10: The Fell Dragon Sombron of the main game. Once you’re done with this Chapter, you will also need to promote "Alear" iconAlear’s "Dragon Child" iconDragon Child class to "Divine Dragon" iconDivine Dragon. This can only be done once you reach level 10 with Alear and if you have a Master Seal.

If you have all of the prerequisites out of the way, you should be good to go for unlocking Wyvern Rides. As alluded to earlier, these Wyvern Rides are located in the Somniel, left of the Training Yard next to the broken wall.

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