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Fire Emblem Engage

How to Get the Tiki Emblem - Dragon Temple Walkthrough

Nathan Garvin

By purchasing the Expansion Pass for Fire Emblem Engage you’ll get access to various bits of content, among the most substantial of which are the Divine Paralogue battles. The first of these, the Dragon Temple, is the demesne of "Tiki" iconTiki, a Divine Dragon from another world, "Marth" iconMarth’s ancient traveling companion and, most importantly for this game, an Emblem. This page provides a walkthrough for the Divine Paralogue: Dragon Temple including details on how to reach the Dragon Temple and once there, how to complete Tiki’s trials, defeat Tiki, and get the Tiki Emblem.

To access the Dragon Temple, you’ll need to complete the Paralogue: Bandits’ Hideout, then travel southwest.

How to Reach the Dragon Temple Divine Paralogue Battle

To reach the Divine Paralogue: Dragon Temple, you must first progress through Chapter 6 in the main story by clearing the Mountain Settlement battle, then complete the Paralogue: Bandits’ Hideout. After this you’ll find a path leading into the sea, which will wrap around to some islands where the Divine Paralogues are located. Since these are all Expansion Pass content, let’s affectionately call these the DLC Islands.

At first you’ll only have access to the Dragon Temple Divine Paralogue, which you must complete to unlock the other Divine Paralogue battles.

(1 of 3) The Phantom Wyverns in the Dragon Temple will deal significant damage with their breath attack, which ignores DEF and RES and inflicts Freeze.

Divine Paralogue - Dragon Temple Walkthrough

Enter this map node and you’ll be confronted by Tiki, who wants to test your mettle. She’s playful enough about it, but you must defeat her to earn her Emblem. The enemies in the map are numerous and your own forces are limited to eight deployment slots - fewer than the norm. Fortunately your foes are, for the most part, fairly passive, although they scale to the average level of your roster (up to Lv20, unpromoted). Given the nature of your foes, this is definitely a battle that gets easier as you progress through the game, as you’ll gain a competitive advantage the more advanced class characters equipped with Emblems you can field.

To reach Tiki - the objective of the map - you’ll need to enter the temple and make your way through some hallways to reach two rooms wherein you’ll find some Sigils. Of course, the phantoms Tiki conjured to test you will challenge your attempts to make progress. Most of these enemies aren’t that impressive, but the Phantom Wyverns are worth mentioning due to their Freezing Breath. With this attack, these far-moving draconic fliers can deal significant damage, ignoring your DEF/RSL and inflicting "Freeze" iconFreeze (preventing stricken targets from moving for a turn). Given their movement range, ambushing these wyverns isn’t easy, and even if you do, taking them down in one shot requires an awfully strong character. That being the case, the best way to deal with them is to lure them to you and take them out with your heavy-hitters in as few attacks as possible, then heal up afterwards. They have three vulnerabilities: attacks that deal extra damage to draconic enemies, attacks with a range of 3+, and characters with high AVO, the last of which is probably the most handy. You can’t mitigate the damage they deal, but they may not be able to reliably hit characters with high AVO.

(1 of 4) Tiki will bestow one of her followers with a Revival Stone.

How to Defeat Tiki in Fire Emblem Engage

As for Tiki herself, she initially looks non-threatening enough, but when the way is open to her she’ll transform into a dragon and advance. She hits like a truck, has a fair DEF and high RES, her Revive Stone means you’ll need to deplete her HP twice, and she can bestow a Revive Stone on an ally - likely the Phantom Wyvern she keeps nearby, which you’ll also have to deal with. A haphazard approach to this fight is just begging for trouble, but there are steps you can take to make this easier.

First, clear as much of the Dragon Temple as you have access to before you send a character to stand on the first Sigil. Once the first (central) Sigil is triggered, the door to the second Sigil will open, but this also causes enemies to spawn near the entrance to the temple, and these waves of foes can include a Phantom Wyvern. Worse, they’re endless, and the frozen floor tiles will help them reach the center of the temple in two turns, three tops. Suffice to say, you don’t need these enemies bothering you while you’re fighting Tiki and her retinue, and the more waves of them you fight, the more your resources will be depleted.

After clearing the rest of the Dragon Temple, keep one character near the central Sigil, then send a small - but sufficient - strike force to deal with the enemies guarding the second Sigil. Ideally these include faster units, like cavalry and fliers, but ground forces can suffice, if they make use of the frozen tiles to increase their movement range. The rest of your party should gather in the hallway south of Tikis chamber, and they should all possess full Engage meters. Use the four Emblem energy spots to fill up if necessary.

When you’re ready, trigger the first Sigil, defeat the enemies guarding the second Sigil, then rush back with both Sigil teams to either intercept the enemies that spawn near the entrance of the temple, or to join in the attack on Tiki. In an ideal world, 4-5 characters can be ready to fight Tiki and her minions, which should be enough firepower to defeat her without losses, especially if you spam Engage Attacks. Just be sure to lure Tiki into the wider hallway - the narrow corridor just south of her suits her more than you. Bait her with a high DEF unit who can survive her attack, and keep in mind that she can’t counterattack when you use Engage Attacks or immediately after one of her HP bars is depleted, which should allow you to score some reprisal-free hits. "Micaiah" iconMicaiah is a star in this fight, as when in Engage state her user’s ability to heal with staves is greatly improved, becoming a long-range AoE. Micaiah’s Engage Attack, "Great Sacrifice" iconGreat Sacrifice, will also heal everybody fully at the expense of dropping Micaiah’s user down to 1 HP. Assuming this character isn’t in combat with Micaiah, this is a great way to buff for a final assault on Tiki.

(1 of 3) You can loot several chests in the Dragon Temple to obtain a variety of treasures.

All Treasure in the Dragon Temple

Defeating Tiki and acquiring the Tiki Emblem is, obviously, the great prize of this battle, but it’s not the only prize. Along the southeastern exterior of the Dragon Temple is a "Martial Monk" iconMartial Monk on a roof who will drop a "Physic" iconPhysic staff when defeated. If you spare the time to circle around the eastern edge of the building you’ll also find a shiny spot near a pond north of the temple. It’s a long trip, one best done with a flier, and definitely before you trigger the first Sigil, but you’ll obtain a Silver Card, which will give you a 30% discount when buying items from the armory and item shop on the Somniel. Inside the temple you can find a Martial Monk guarding the central Sigil, who will drop a "Rewarp" iconRewarp staff when defeated. In the central Sigil chamber is a chest containing 2,000G and in the second Sigil chamber are two chests containing "Warp" iconWarp and "Rescue" iconRescue staves.

(1 of 3) It only costs 400 Bond Fragments to boost to Bond Level 5 in the Arena,

How to Learn Tiki’s Starsphere Inherited Skill

Any Emblem is arguably better than no Emblem, and while Tiki is useful enough as a general Emblem, her "Starsphere" iconStarsphere skill is noteworthy. This ability increases its bearer’s stat growth rates by +15%, which is pretty significant. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but it’s an average of +3 points per stat over 20 levels, which totals out to:

  • +3 HP
  • +3 Ph Atk
  • +3 Mag Atk
  • +7.5 Hit
  • +7.5 Avo
  • +1.5 Crit
  • +3 Ddg
  • -3 reduced damage from enemy Ph Atk and Mag Atk
  • A greater chance of follow up attacks due to higher Spd

Ideally you’ll be able to purchase this around the time you’re ready to change classes at Lvl 20, which will give you a good amount of time to build up these stat boosts. Not a bad boost for the 1,500 SP Inheriting this skill will cost, if you’ve the patience. To get Tiki to Bond Level 5 with every character, just train in the Arena - it’ll set you back 400 Bond Fragments per character, which is nothing.

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