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Fire Emblem Engage

How To Get S-Rank Supports In Fire Emblem Engage

Jacob Woodward

As you progress through Fire Emblem Engage, the difficulty and complexity certainly ramps up. There are more units to focus on, more enemies to take care of, and maps that have various twists and turns to them, hindering your advancing allies.

One aspect of the game that can aid you in your endeavours though is increasing your support characters’ rank, improving their strengths and taking them to new heights. This will make your life much easier when battling, saving "Alear" iconAlear from going it alone.

While an A-Rank support is pretty nice, there’s always better, and that’s where S-Rank comes in. This guide will talk you through how to get S-Rank Supports in Fire Emblem Engage so you too can wield their power.

Fire Emblem Engage S-Rank Supports: How To Unlock

Earning Support Points with Céline by sharing meals

If you didn’t think S-Rank supports were actually in the game, you’re not alone here. That’s because the game doesn’t technically tell you that they are a thing, and you would have needed to find it out for yourself by testing various aspects out. Thankfully, we’re here to break it down for you.

For a support unit to achieve an S-Rank, your first step is to get that person to an A-Rank. This seems like a given, but it’s something that many could skip over. Once your desired character is at A-Rank, you will have to complete Chapter 22 as this unlocks The Connector Paralogue, integral to increase a support to S-Rank.

Complete the aforementioned Paralogue and you will receive an item called the Pact Ring. Now head back to the Somniel and collect the Pact Ring from the Memento Drawer and speak with the support unit who you would like to increase to S-Rank.

!Fire Emblem Engage Memento Drawer

This will trigger a romance cutscene and once all is said and done, you will have an S-Rank support on your hands.

Special romance scene when you get a support to S-Rank in !Fire Emblem Engage

If you’re worried about who to use the Pact Ring on, don’t be, as no matter what gender the character is, you will be able to ‘romance’ them and elevate their level. However, one huge caveat here is that you will only receive one Pact Ring per playthrough so once your decision has been made, it’s final, as you will not be able to get multiple S-Rank units.

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