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How to Farm Gold Fast in Fire Emblem Engage

Nathan Garvin

Money makes the world go ‘round, and expending gold will make your army stronger in various ways, including purchasing Master Seals and Second Seals, allowing you to continue leveling up and increasing your stats, purchasing and refining weapons, and stocking up on restoratives and staves. Money can be somewhat hard to come by, however, so we’ll discuss various ways to farm gold in "Fire" iconFire Emblem Engage.

How to Farm Gold in Fire Emblem Engage

As you play through the main story, you’ll occasionally be granted lump sums of gold, usually via royal largesse. Accounting for 10,000G, 25,000G or 50,000G, these injections of cash will account for a great deal of your income, especially early game. Ironically, much of this money will probably be spent in donations to various realms, which will increase the ingredients and metals you can find in these favored realms, as well as increase the variety of animals you can adopt. Most importantly, it’ll increase the spawn rate of Gold Corrupted and Silver Corrupted, who can be farmed for gold and EXP, respectively.

You’ll almost certainly need supplemental sources of gold to ensure your army is as elite as possible, however, and fortunately there are other means of accumulating wealth besides advancing the main story:

In addition to these methods, you can keep your coffers full by simply expending less gold when you make purchases by acquiring the Silver Card.

(1 of 2) End a unit's turn on purple Spirits of the Fallen,

End a unit's turn on purple Spirits of the Fallen, (left), and you'll get some item or another - often a low-tier weapon that'll sell for a few hundred gold. (right)

Earning Gold - Spirits of the Fallen

You can find Spirits of the Fallen occupying tiles during battles if you have network features enabled. These glowing motes of light come in two colors - purple or yellow. Yellow spirits will grant you Bond EXP, 10 Bond Fragments or EXP and SP, while purple spirits will give you some item or another, usually a restorative item or low-tier weapon. While these items aren’t impressive, they do sell for a couple hundred gold each, and since you can get several of these per map, it can add up. It’s not a ton of money, to be sure, but considering what the other options yield, it adds up to a pretty solid chunk of change.

(1 of 2) During some skirmishes you may encounter Gold Corrupted,

During some skirmishes you may encounter Gold Corrupted, (left), who will reliably drop 1,200G when defeated. (right)

Earning Gold - Gold Corrupted

Enemies can spawn on open nodes on the world map as time advances (real time, not in-game time), allowing you to fight optional Skirmish battles should you be so inclined. The enemies in these skirmishes scale to your average character level, making them a good source of EXP and SP, but special variants of enemies, Gold Corrupted and Silver Corrupted also have a chance to spawn in these battles. The odds of these special enemies spawning varies by region and Donation Level, but Elusia is especially noteworthy for its high chance of spawning Gold Corrupted, up to a 70% chance at Donation Level 5.

Aside from their signature gold armor, Gold Corrupted will drop gold when defeated… unfortunately only a modest 1,200G per Gold Corrupted. Also, only two of these Gold Corrupted tend to spawn per battle, when you’re lucky enough to get them to spawn at all. Gold Corrupted aren’t really a get rich quick scheme as much as they’re another supplemental source of income.

Earning Gold - Training Battles

When a Skirmish battle spawns on a region’s capital, that battle will be a training fight instead of a normal skirmish. This precludes Gold Corrupted from spawning, but clearing a training battle will earn you a reward of 3,000G, which makes them more lucrative than Gold Corrupted battles.

Anna has a chance (equal to her LCK score) to cause enemies to drop 500G when defeated. With a high enough LCK score, Anna can earn thousands of gold per skirmish, provided she's strong enough to solo the map…

Earning Gold - Anna Farming

With the options listed above, you can expect to gain 3,000G - 5,000G per battle. Two Gold Corrupted will yield 2,400G, while one training battle will earn you 3,000G. If you’re lucky with Spirits of the Fallen you may end up with some mid-tier weapons to sell for a few hundred gold. It’s a decent amount of cash, but you can further expedite your gains by exploiting Anna’s personal skill, "Make a Killing" iconMake a Killing.

This ability gives "Anna" iconAnna a chance to earn 500G every time she defeats an enemy, with the proc rate being determined by her LCK score. If you can get "Anna" iconAnna strong enough to solo battles (check out Anna’s build page - despite her starting class, she’s a much better caster than a warrior) and get her LCK high enough, you can potentially earn a significant amount of gold.

First, we suggest making "Anna" iconAnna a "High Priest" iconHigh Priest. This hinders her abilities as a caster somewhat, but it gives her a much higher LCK max than playing her as a "Sage" iconSage (38 LCK as a "High Priest" iconHigh Priest, 30 as a "Sage" iconSage). This does leave a bit of damage on the table, however, as a "Sage" iconSage can reach MAG 48, while a "High Priest" iconHigh Priest can only get to 45, but that higher max HP (55 vs 43) and SPD (32 vs 30) make up for it a bit. Best of all, the "High Priest" iconHigh Priest can self-heal at Lvl 5+, which will help keep "Anna" iconAnna alive. Second, when we say “solo” a mission, we just mean "Anna" iconAnna has to be able to kill everything herself. If you can keep an AVO tank who can also heal around to boost "Anna" iconAnna’s odds of surviving without stealing kills, all the better (Chloé is probably the best choice, here).

Equip "Anna" iconAnna with spells like "Elfire" iconElfire, "Elwind" iconElwind and "Elthunder" iconElthunder, give her a "Heal" iconHeal staff, and you should be good to go. With maxed out LCK and Emblem "Tiki" iconTiki equipped, "Anna" iconAnna can easily reach over 40 LCK, which is a 40%+ chance to proc Make a Killing each time she defeats an enemy. On a map with 20~ enemies, that means she’ll proc Make a Killing an average of 8~ times, earning an additional 4,000G. "Marth" iconMarth’s AVO+ abilities will help keep "Anna" iconAnna alive, and "Tiki" iconTiki also provides "Lifesphere" iconLifesphere, which will heal "Anna" iconAnna by a substantial amount if she ends a turn by waiting. If you also make sure to collect Spirits of the Fallen an sell the loot they yield, "Anna" iconAnna can bring in 5,000G on a normal battle, or 7,000G - 8,000G for Gold Corrupted skirmishes and training battles, respectively.


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