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Fire Emblem Engage

How to Defeat Corrin

Jessica Dillon

In order to reach bond level 20 with your Emblems you will need to do each of their Paralogues. These unlock in the later chapter of the game, and depending on the Emblem, the chapter can be extremely hard or just have a simple gimmick. "Corrin" iconCorrin is an Emblem that can change the terrain, so they are useful to get to level 20. The guide below goes over how to beat Corrin’s Paralogue, The Crux of Fate in Fire Emblem Engage without losing any units.

The start of Corrin’s Paralogue.

How to Unlock Corrin’s Paralogue: The Crux of Fate in Fire Emblem Engage

You will be able to start The Crux of Fate and defeat Corrin once you have completed Chapter 15 of the main story. You will be able to find her Paralogue located in the country of Firene on the map.

How to Defeat Corrin at The Crossroads of Fate

Corrin is one of the easier Emblems to take on, as long as you don’t make the fatal mistake of having your units stuck in the river. Corrin has a major weakness as she is weak to the same weapons that other dragons in the game are Wrymslayer in particular, which can be bought from the weapon shot for 2,500 G. "Byleth" iconByleth also comes with "Aymr" iconAymr, which is another effective weapon for taking down Corrin quickly.

For this map, you will want to have a good mix of all classes. You will want to avoid going into the water as Corrin will eventually change this to fire. Instead, hurry across the bridge, and take down all the enemies in your path. For the most part, you will find that Corrin’s allies fall pretty easily. You will also want to let the units to your left catch up so that you can defeat them before taking on Corrin.

Corrin changing the terrain in her Paralogue Chapter.

Once you get close to Corrin, you should work quickly to take her down. Like most bosses, she has two health bars to compete with, but her weakness to dragon-effective weapons makes her easy to cut down in just a couple of moves. You can even bring "Seadall" iconSeadall along to ensure that your favorite unit gets an extra turn on the field. By taking down the units around her, as well as the units you encounter before you get to her, you also greatly lower the effects of her "Dreadful Aura" iconDreadful Aura and "Torrential Roar" iconTorrential Roar attacks.

All Treasure in The Crux of Fate

The only treasure dropped in The Crux of Fate Paralogue is 500 G each from the eight Fate of Royal replicants.

Item Location
500 G Fate Royal Replicas
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