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How to Defeat Marth

Jessica Dillon

Fire Emblem Engage has several Paralogues, and the last two won’t unlock until you are near the end of the game. This includes the last Emblem Paralogue, which belongs to "Marth" iconMarth, a tough opponent who can be rather hard to deal with on the battlefield. The guide below goes over how to defeat "Marth" iconMarth in The Hero King Paralogue without losing any of your units and how to get all the treasure on The Broken Castle map.

"Marth" iconMarth at the start of his Paralogue, The Hero King.

How to Unlock Marth’s Paralogue: The Hero King in Fire Emblem Engage

You will unlock "Marth" iconMarth’s Paralogue, The Hero King, after you beat Chapter 22. Be warned, though, this is the last Emblem Paralogue, and it’s a difficult one.

How to Defeat Marth at The Broken Castle

This is the very last Emblem you will need to face in battle, and "Marth" iconMarth isn’t going to make things easy on you. To survive this map and get all the treasure, you are going to need to have a good army built. The strategy here is to bring in magic users for the armored units, so "Lindon" iconLindon, "Pandreo" iconPandreo, "Ivy" iconIvy, and "Hortensia" iconHortensia are all good choices. You will want to bring "Seadall" iconSeadall and "Byleth" iconByleth for extra movement, as well as "Corrin" iconCorrin to use her "Torrential Roar" iconTorrential Roar ability to tame the Martial "Mage" iconMages.

In addition to this, units that can warp, like "Celica" iconCelica can help you easily maneuver around the map. "Archer" iconArchers, like "Alcryst" iconAlcryst, can also help you to hit "Marth" iconMarth from a distance. If you don’t want to bring a weaker unit like "Alcryst" iconAlcryst, then using "Lyn" iconLyn is a good idea. When you start the battle, you will notice that this map is rather sectioned off, making it hard to move around for anyone but your flyers. You should also note that "Marth" iconMarth is in a sealed room, he either has to open the door himself or you will need to break it down.

You can either choose to go directly for "Marth" iconMarth or go around the map collecting the treasure. The best way to get the treasure is to let the Thieves grab it, then kill them to obtain it. If you don’t want to do this, then you can warp to the locations for a quick job. Once you get the treasure, you will need to head toward "Marth" iconMarth.

"Marth" iconMarth inside of his sealed room in Fire Emblem Engage's Hero King Paralogue.

Once there, either use a ranged attack to get him to start moving out, or you will have to break the door down with your units. There is a General you will need to defeat twice, as he has a revival stone. A "Sage" iconSage and "Martial Master" iconMartial Master are also present that you will want to quickly wipe out to keep him from helping "Marth" iconMarth.

When you face these two enemies, "Marth" iconMarth will begin to move. His Loadstar Rush is a powerful attack, so try to keep your distance from him to avoid it. Depending on your playstyle, you can either enter the room with "Marth" iconMarth, which is a bit more dangerous or let him exit, which is the ideal scenario. "Marth" iconMarth is a fast close, range attacker, so try to keep a safe distance and hit him with ranged attacks. If you do want to get up close and personal, then use Emblems to quickly cut down his health bar.

All Treasure in The Hero King

There is quite a bit of treasure in The Hero King Paralogue. On top of several enemy drops, The Broken Castle Map also has four treasure chests for you to open. The chart below shows all the treasure in the level and where you can get it from.

Item Location
1000 G General, Hero, and "Warrior" iconWarrior Drop
Secret Book "Thief" iconThief
Elixir Top Left Chest
"Silver Greataxe" iconSilver Greataxe Bottom Left chest
"Speed Tonic" iconSpeed Tonic Top Right Chest
"Antitoxin" iconAntitoxin Bottom Right Chest


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