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Best Jean Builds in Fire Emblem Engage

Jessica Dillon

"Jean" iconJean is an additional character you can get from doing the game’s first Paralogue quest. He is a healer who can be useful, especially in the early chapters of the Fire Emblem Engage. Since he has a different stat growth than other characters thanks to his "Expertise" iconExpertise skill. you should take care when picking which class to use him as. The guide below goes over how to build "Jean" iconJean, including showing his stat growth, best classes, best Emblem pairing, and even the skills that you should have him inherit.

"Jean" iconJean healing "Ivy" iconIvy in Fire Emblem Engage.

Jean’s Stats and Stat Growths

Once you unlock "Jean" iconJean after completing the Budding Talent Paralogue, he will join up with your army. This Paralogue will open up after you complete Chapter 5 and is the first side-mission in the game. "Jean" iconJean starts out as a level 1 "Martial Monk" iconMartial Monk. His stat growth is decent, but he isn’t going to be as strong as some other mid-tier units like "Alcryst" iconAlcryst in battle. His skill "Expertise" iconExpertise does give him double growth in his stats. The chart below goes over "Jean" iconJean’s base stats, growth, and expected max.

Stat Base Max Growth Lvl 40
HP 19 0 50% 38.5
BLD 3 - 5% 4.95
STR 4 0 20% 11.8
MAG 5 2 20% 12.8
DEX 10 -1 35% 23.65
SPD 7 -1 40% 22.6
DEF 4 0 25% 13.75
RES 8 0 20% 15.8
LCK 3 1 25% 12.75

Best Classes for Jean

"Jean" iconJean isn’t the best character in the game by far, and he isn’t likely going to be charging into battle first or leading your army. He can do a good job as a healer on your team, though, especially during the early chapter of the game when you don’t have characters like "Ivy" iconIvy or "Pandreo" iconPandreo. With that being said, some of your best choices for the young boy are centered around healing classes.

Going for "Martial Master" iconMartial Master allows you to have a bit more of a combat edge with "Jean" iconJean, which is nice for finishing off enemies when your health is already in a good position. If you are worried about "Jean" iconJean’s health, you can also move him towards being a "High Priest" iconHigh Priest, as he will gain the ability to heal himself during battle. Be warned, though, you will get "Pandreo" iconPandreo, who is a "High Priest" iconHigh Priest, during chapter 12. While it doesn’t hurt to have two "High Priest" iconHigh Priests, "Martial Master" iconMartial Master works better for "Jean" iconJean when you take this team addition into consideration.

"Sage" iconSage is another great fit for "Jean" iconJean and one that not many other characters can fit well into. This is a class that can use both tomes and staffs. If "Jean" iconJean is given this class, he will also have the "Spell Harmony" iconSpell Harmony skill that lets him grant an attack bonus to himself based on the number of adjacent allies currently on the field. "Berserker" iconBerserker is another possible class, as he will have an 80% strength stat growth. If you choose this class, his skill will be "Smash+" iconSmash+ which will knock an enemy back to blocks when "Jean" iconJean lands a hit.

Best Emblem Rings for Jean

When picking an Emblem for "Jean" iconJean to pair with, you really want to hone in on his healing ability. Due to this, "Micaiah" iconMicaiah is a solid choice as he will get additional help with healing your team from the Emblem’s abilities. "Micaiah" iconMicaiah can increase staff range by five blocks with "Augment" iconAugment, and you can use the "Great Sacrifice" iconGreat Sacrifice ability to heal your team while sacrificing "Jean" iconJean’s health. "Healing Light" iconHealing Light is also an effective skill as it will also help heal half of "Jean" iconJean’s health when he heals another party member.

You may also find that "Byleth" iconByleth is a good fit, as he can use "Instruct" iconInstruct to give stat buffs to your army. "Byleth" iconByleth also has the "Goddess Dance" iconGoddess Dance ability that allows nearby units to take another turn.

Best Skills for Jean

Skills like "Quality Time" iconQuality Time from "Corrin" iconCorrin can be useful to "Jean" iconJean, as it heals adjacent units five health after "Jean" iconJean’s move and increases support with said characters. You should also look to inherit "Healing Light" iconHealing Light from "Micaiah" iconMicaiah to ensure that "Jean" iconJean can more easily keep himself alive during a battle while still healing the rest of your army. "Silence Ward" iconSilence Ward can also be obtained from "Micaiah" iconMicaiah and will give "Jean" iconJean resistance to "Silence" iconSilence.


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