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Fire Emblem Engage Fortune Teller: How To Unlock & What Tarot Cards Do

Jacob Woodward

Fire Emblem games are known to hold a few secrets, making the player to delve deep into the game to uncover them. With Engage, this is similarly the case, with plenty of aspects to unlock aside from simply battling.

The Fire Emblem Engage Fortune Teller is one of these, with many players puzzled as to not only how to unlock it, but also what it does. This guide will take you through all of that so you can go away and see if the Fortune Teller is worth your time.

How To Unlock The Fire Emblem Engage Fortune Teller

Fortune Teller location in Fire Emblem Engage

If you want to unlock the Fortune Teller in Fire Emblem Engage, you’re going to be looking to do this in the trusty Somniel, where many other of the game’s more obscure elements are housed.

You won’t however, have access to the Fortune Teller from the moment the Somniel opens in Chapter 4. Instead, you’ll have to play much more of the game, as it opens after completing Chapter 15, recruiting "Seadall" iconSeadall in the process. He is a missable character so make sure you talk to him before the battle subsides.

Once you do complete Chapter 15, simply head back to the Somniel and you will receive a message saying “The fortune teller is open”. What you aren’t provided though is a location.

To find the Fortune Teller, all you have to do is go toward the east side of the Somniel, more specifically, between the Flea Market and the Farmyard. You should be able to see a small structure with a purple sign out-front along with someone standing at the door. Speak to the Fortune Teller to receive a Tarot Card.

When Can You Use The Fire Emblem Engage Fortune Teller?

Even when you unlock the Fortune Teller in the Somniel, sadly it isn’t accessible all of the time. In fact, it will only be open at night, so if you’re in the daytime, simply head to your bed and pass some hours.

Additionally, you’ll only be able to receive one Tarot Card per character after each battle so don’t think you’ll be getting a bunch of different Cards in one sitting.

What Do Fire Emblem Engage Fortune Teller Tarot Cards Do?

"Yunaka" iconYunaka's fortune in Fire Emblem Engage

When you receive a Tarot Card, no matter for which character, you’ll be given two pieces of information; their current worry and what they’re thinking of.

While you might think that this information is something akin to Wake-up Events, simply giving you some extra lore, you can actually do something with it.

The current worry and the actual Tarot Card itself you can toss aside, but what, or more importantly, who they’re thinking of is key. This is because if you place both the character who is having their fortune told near the one they are thinking about in the next battle, they will gain additional EXP.

As previously stated, you are only able to have a fortune told after every battle thus meaning that the EXP bonus will only last this duration also.


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