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Fire Emblem Engage

How to Fish

Jessica Dillon

A returning feature in Fire Emblem Engage is the ability to fish. Fishing can help you get food ingredients and Bond Fragments. There are several different fish to catch, and it can be a rewarding experience to fill out the fishing book. The Somniel Pond won’t automatically unlock in Somniel, however, so you will need to play a bit of the story of the game before you can take part in fishing in Fire Emblem Engage.

Fishing with Sommie’s help.

How to Start Fishing in Fire Emblem Engage

Once you unlock chapter eight in the main story, you will be able to fish in the Somniel Pond. When you go there for the first time after reaching this milestone, a short cutscene will play. Afterward, you simply need to talk to the character standing on the dock to fish. Keep in mind that you can only catch three fish at once, so if you want to keep fishing, you will need to go out and do some battles.

How to Catch Fish in Fire Emblem Engage

There is a bit of depth to the fishing mechanics in Fire Emblem Engage. There are different types of rod, twenty different species of fish, and different times of day that fish appear. You will also have access to a fishing guide where you can see information about when fish you haven’t caught will appear and what rod you will need to catch them.

You can use your bed in Somniel to rest and change the time of day if you’re trying to catch a certain fish, but some of them will require you to get a better fishing rod before they can be caught. To get the time of day you need, you may need to sleep a few times in a row.

In addition, once you unlock Sommie, you will be able to use the guardian creature to help you catch fish a bit easier. You will have a choice before starting the mini-game whether to enlist Sommie’s help or not. Here’s how to catch fish in the Fire Emblem Engage fishing mini-game.

  • Cast your line into the water by pressing Joy-Con-ButtonA.
  • Once the bobber gets completely submerged press Joy-Con-ButtonA again to start reeling in the fish.
  • A screen will pop up displaying this, you want to tilt down on the Left thumbstick Joy-Con-Stick-L-Down.
  • You will want to slightly tilt the left thumbstick to keep the fish at the bottom of the screen.
  • While it’s in this space, you can press Joy-Con-ButtonA to start depleting its health bar.
  • It’s best to wait for the fish to be knocked out before tapping Joy-Con-ButtonA so that it won’t get away easily.
  • Once the fish has no health left, another mini-game will pop up, simply press Joy-Con-ButtonA when the circle align.

Fishing mini-game in Somniel.

Keep in mind that if the fish swims to the top of the field and stays there for too long that you will lose the mini-game. If you don’t catch a fish, it won’t count towards your three-fish limit, and you can immediately try again.

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