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Best Lyn Emblem Skills And Pairings

Ben Chard

The best "Lyn" iconLyn Emblem skills and pairings are here in this very page. With her heavy focus on Spd, "Lyn" iconLyn is an excellent Emblem to Sync to some of your faster melee units. She’s known as the Emblem of Blazing and has type bonuses with most melee classes. This page will tell you everything you need to know about her.

You will get "Lyn" iconLyn's Emblem during the battle in Chapter 11.

Lyn Emblem Basic Stats and Background

Engage Attack Engage Skill Usable Weapons
"Astra Storm" iconAstra Storm "Call Doubles" iconCall Doubles, Foe Engage Attack Damage/2 "Killer Bow (Lyn)" iconKiller Bow (Lyn), "Mani Katti" iconMani Katti, "Mulagir" iconMulagir

"Lyn" iconLyn is from Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade that released back on the Gameboy "Advance" iconAdvance, the first Fire Emblem title to do so. The Blazing Blade is also a prequel to The "Binding Blade" iconBinding Blade, also on the same system. You’ll have to wait until Chapter 11 to obtain this Emblem Ring, where she comes synced to "Ivy" iconIvy.

Her "Astra Storm" iconAstra Storm Engage Attack will fire a barrage of bow attacks with a range of 10, allowing you to take out tricky foes long before they can become an issue. Her Engage Skill, "Call Doubles" iconCall Doubles, will call four illusionary units that can also take part in Chain Attacks. Enemy Units will also be drawn to these doubles.

Lyn’s Playstyle

As mentioned above, "Lyn" iconLyn is predominately aimed at melee units who already are focused on high Spd. She’ll offer plenty of boosts to Spd that will allow already fast Units to double attack against most enemies. "Astra Storm" iconAstra Storm is a fantastic Engage Attack purely down to its range, allowing you to deal with a Unit that may cause you problems later in the encounter.

"Call Doubles" iconCall Doubles is another excellent Engage Skill, as the illusionary units that are summoned act as an excellent diversion due to the enemy AI opting to target them when possible. They’ll also join in Chain Attacks and can counterattack in battle.

"Killer Bow (Lyn)" iconKiller Bow (Lyn), the Emblem weapon that "Lyn" iconLyn starts with is an excellent ranged weapon that has increased Critical Chance. "Mani Katti" iconMani Katti is a sword effective against both Armored and Cavalry Units while her final weapon, "Mulagir" iconMulagir, is a stronger bow that grants a boost to the Unit’s Spd too.

Best Lyn Emblem Skills to Inherit

As with most Emblems, their stat skills are always useful, but they’re expensive and your slots are limited. There’s a little more argument for the Spd+ stats, due to how useful they are as arguably the best stat in Fire Emblem. The Alacrity series of Skills (Bond Levels 1, 13, and 18) are fantastic skills on already fast characters. This skill will allow Unit’s that have a Spd advantage against your foe the chance to perform their follow-up attack before their own counterattack. As you’ll want this on already fast characters (such as "Yunaka" iconYunaka), you should be triggering this fairly often.

Another incredibly useful Skill to inherit from "Lyn" iconLyn is her Speedtaker Skill. This will grant a stacking Spd+2 each time you defeat a target in battle when you initiate it first. This can reach a maximum of +10 Spd, making the unit a double-attacking killing machine.

(1 of 2) "Lyn" iconLyn will be Synced with "Ivy" iconIvy by default but there are much better alternatives

"Lyn" iconLyn will be Synced with "Ivy" iconIvy by default but there are much better alternatives (left), "Astra Storm" iconAstra Storm is a fantastic Engage Attack with a massive range to it. (right)

Best Lyn Emblem Pairings

"Lyn" iconLyn is all about her Spd, and using it to make fast characters even stronger, so this should form the basis of your thinking for who to pair her Emblem with (although she’s fantastic on most Units). As a general rule, any character who makes good use of "Sigurd" iconSigurd, will make good use of "Lyn" iconLyn.

As you may expect, being a bow user himself, "Alcryst" iconAlcryst will make good use of this Emblem. He already has the range, but the boost to Spd will allow "Alcryst" iconAlcryst to double attack more often and as such, make use of the Alacrity skills to get his attacks in before your targets. The addition of "Killer Bow (Lyn)" iconKiller Bow (Lyn) is yet another reason why she shines here.

Just as "Sigurd" iconSigurd is fantastic (and probably better) on her, "Lyn" iconLyn is also very good when paired with "Yunaka" iconYunaka. She already has high Spd and if you can keep her on terrain that offers +Avo, you’ll trigger her Personal Skill more often. With "Lyn" iconLyn equipped, she should almost always get two attacks in every combat round. She will also get good use out of Speedtaker due to how often she kills the foes she starts combat with.

There are many more characters that can make use of "Lyn" iconLyn, "Alear" iconAlear, "Anna" iconAnna, and "Chloé" iconChloé are all other excellent alternatives, or you could consider equipping her to a slower unit to give them a much needed Spd boost. All in all, there’s not really a bad choice when it comes to this Emblem.


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