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Fire Emblem Engage

How to Get the Edelgard Emblem in Fire Emblem Engage

Nathan Garvin

The protagonist from Fire Emblem Three Houses is one of the core Emblems in Fire Emblem Engage, but being a fairly recent, successful game in the series with numerous likable characters, it was perhaps inevitable that more castaways from Fire Emblem Three Houses would make it into Fire Emblem Engage. The three house leaders from Fire Emblem Three Houses - Claude, Dimitri and Edelgard - are together represented by a singular Emblem, and this page will discuss how to get the Edelgard Emblem in Fire Emblem Engage.

(1 of 2) Head to Lookout Ridge in the Somniel in Chapter 6 to find the Edelgard Emblem.

Head to Lookout Ridge in the Somniel in Chapter 6 to find the Edelgard Emblem. (left), After some chatter, the three deuteragonists from !Fire Emblem Three Houses will join you. (right)

How to Unlock the Edelgard Emblem in Fire Emblem Engage

In order to get the Edelgard Emblem, you’ll have to purchase and download the Season "Pass" iconPass for Fire Emblem Engage. It is day one content, so as long as you have the Season Pass, you should have access to this Emblem. Before you can claim it, however, you’ll need to advance to Chapter 6, at which point you’ll be informed (via a rather innocuous text box on the top of the screen) that something has been discovered at Lookout Ridge.

Head over there and Zander will tell you that a mysterious bracelet was discovered in southern Firene, which prompts "Alear" iconAlear to call for the Emblem within. Or Emblems, as the case may be. Despite being referred to as the Edelgard Emblem in the Emblem Rings menu, this Emblem features all three characters, who rotate in and out of combat, randomly selecting one of the three to be the dominant Emblem at the start of each turn. Since each of the three Emblems have their own gimmicks, this is a wildly diverse Emblem that gives you a myriad of options for dealing with foes at the expense of sometimes not being exactly what you need it to be.

Despite the favoritism in the Emblem Ring menu and the randomness in combat, you can actually choose which of the three Emblems you interact with at time. Specifically, you can opt to fight Claude, Dimitri or Edelgard in the Arena and you can choose which one will comment when polishing their Emblem bracelet. The actual effects of these activities - increasing Bond Level - is shared, and when you need to have your periodic chat you may end up talking to different characters. All in all, the three potential deuteragonists from Fire Emblem Three Houses are well represented enough to please most fans.

Is the Edelgard Emblem Any Good?

With the issue of fanboy representation out of the way, does the Edelgard Emblem have any practical utility in combat? A character with an Emblem is going to be stronger than they would otherwise be if they had no emblem - Bond Rings just can’t compare - and in that respect, the answer is obviously yes. By the time you can get the Edelgard Emblem you’ll only have access to several Emblem Rings, so this one will definitely help. In fact, you won’t really get more Emblem Rings than you can equip until mid-game, depending on the number of deployment slots in each mission, so you’ll certainly find a use for the Edelgard Emblem. Even in terms of stat bonuses, the Edelgard Emblem with boost your STR, DEX and DEF, outclassing any Bond Ring before we discuss the skills and abilities the Emblem offers.

In combat, the Edelgard Emblem’s diversity is mostly a strength. Sure, you can’t choose which character will be active at any time, and this will affect what Gambits and "Combat Arts" iconCombat Arts you can use, but while in Engage mode you’ll gain access to Edelgard’s axe, "Aymr" iconAymr, and as you increase your Bond Level you’ll add Dimitri’s "Areadbhar" iconAreadbhar (spear) and finally Dimitri’s bow, "Failnaught" iconFailnaught. Needless to say, having access to three different weapon types will regularly be useful. The Emblem will also yield proficiency in these three weapon types, although this requires you to reach Bond Level 13; Emblem "Leif" iconLeif will grant you more proficiencies (axe, bow, knife, staff, lance and sword) and you’ll gain all these by Bond Level 9.

The Strong Bond skill will allow you to remain in the Engage State for longer, Bow Guard will reduce incoming damage from bows and "Lineage" iconLineage will increase earned EXP by 20%. These are all handy enough, but "Weapon Sync" iconWeapon Sync, "Weapon Sync+" iconWeapon Sync+ and STR/DEX are the real standouts. The Weapon Sync skill gives the bearer of the Edelgard Emblem ATK+5 when attacking an enemy while wielding the same weapon - while engaged, they get a flat ATK+5 bonus regardless of the weapon equipped. Weapon Sync+ boosts this to ATK+7. STR/DEX is more straightforward, giving up to a +5 bonus to the aforementioned stats with no downside. Altogether that’s a +12 damage bonus with physical weapons, which is pretty ludicrous.

All in all, the Edelgard Emblem is a potent tool for any character who deals physical damage.

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