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Fire Emblem Engage

How to Train at the Arena in Fire Emblem Engage

Nathan Garvin

The Somniel is a realm of tranquility, comfort and safety… but sometimes that gets a bit dull. Fortunately, the Somniel is also equipped with an Arena - when your lust for bloodsport isn’t sated by destroying your foes, you can beat up on your friends! This page contains information about the Arena, including how to unlock the Arena, how to use the Arena, and what you can gain from training in the Arena.

How to Unlock and Use the Arena in Fire Emblem Engage

Once you reach Chapter 5 in the main story you’ll unlock the Arena, a useful facility that allows you to pit your units against one another in one-on-one contests. To do this, just enter the Arena and interact with the “Training Sigil” in the middle to bring up two options: “Standard” and “Emblem”. Both of these are incredibly useful functions, as the former allows you to earn EXP without actually risking anything, and the latter essentially buys Bond Levels.

(1 of 3) Chose a character to participate in an Arena bout,

Rewards for Standard Training in the Arena

You can perform three “Standard” Arena bouts after each “real” battle, be it a main story battle, Paralogue or Skirmish. When in this menu you’ll be presented with a list of units - pick the one you wish to gain EXP with and they’ll be sent off to fight another random character or Emblem on your roster. Note that the weapons participants use may be randomized, and units equipped with Emblem Rings will not make use of them in battle - gotta keep things fair, after all. If the unit you selected wins or loses, they’ll earn EXP… although they’ll earn significantly more if they win.

Obviously there’s a bit of luck involved here, as some characters and classes are just hard counters to each other, especially when weapon loadouts are somewhat random. If one character just so happens to bring a Ridersbane to a fight against a mounted unit, or if you end up with a flying unit who suddenly finds themselves across from an archer, things can get… interesting. You can save scum these results if you wish, but it’s three EXP boosts for a character (or characters) of your choosing either way - useful for helping stragglers (read: low damage output characters, "Framme" iconFramme) keep up, or leveling new characters that happen to be weaker than your main roster.

In addition to EXP, sparring partners will gain Support Points, which is a welcome secondary boon.

(1 of 3) Pick a character, an Emblem, and the amount by which you wish to increase their Bond Level. It costs 100 Bond Fragments per Bond Level you wish to raise.

Rewards for Emblem Training in the Arena

The Emblem Training option is presented as a legitimate arena bout, this time pitting a character of your choosing against any Emblem you wish. The contest is irrelevant this time around, however, as this is really just a way to buy Bond Levels between characters and Emblems, which significantly speeds up the process.

It costs Bond Fragments to increase your Bond Level with Emblems - the higher the Bond Level, the more Bond Fragments it costs:

Bond Level Bond Fragment Cost
2-5 100
6 - 10 300
11 - 20 500

You can use this function as many times as you wish, instead of being limited to three bouts per post-battle Somniel visit. It sure beats having to shift Emblem Rings about and fighting several battles for each character you want to boost. Note, however, that you can only boost Bond Levels in stages via this route - you’ll still have to take a break to have the requisite Bone Conversations to officially hit Bond Level 5 and Bond Level 10. These will happen automatically, however, you’ll just have to endure some chatter every few Bond Levels.

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