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Fire Emblem Engage

Version 1.1.0 Expansion Pass Content

Nathan Garvin

If you find that you have rather too much money and too little Fire Emblem in your life, good news - Nintendo is willing to fix that by selling you a Expansion Pass. This page will cover the contents of the day one DLC you can download, both free and part of the purchasable Expansion Pass. The Expansion Pass will set you back $29.99, and can be purchased from the Nintendo eShop.

Any player who downloads the day one patch will gain a variety of weapons and refining materials.

Free Day 1 DLC in Fire Emblem Engage

After downloading patch Ver. 1.1.0 and booting up the game, you’ll be informed about new content, most of which is locked behind a paywall in the Expansion Pass. There is, however, some free offerings anybody can benefit from:

“You will receive a set of weapon-refining materials when you enter the Somniel after completing Chapter 4.”

Sure enough, return to the Somniel after the battle at the end of Chapter 4 and you’ll receive the Update Bonus 1, which consists of the following:

The steel weapons will definitely give you an early-game advantage, even if they’re not terribly difficult to acquire. Can’t beat the price, either. You can use the Steel x10 and the 3,000G you get to refine these new weapons, or you can put those resources towards something else… perhaps donating the gold? Either way, it’s a nice little boost to your armory.

Expansion Pass 1 Content in Fire Emblem Engage

With the Expansion Pass purchased and the day one Ver. 1.1.0 patch downloaded you’ll be entitled to claim a number of goodies, as you’ll be informed when you launch the game. These include the following:

  • Emblem Edelgard
  • Emblem Tiki, including her Divine Paralogue battle
  • Expansion Pass Bonus 1 stat-boosting items
  • Expansion Pass Bonus 1 accessories

You can obtain the Edelgard Emblem in Chapter 6, which, despite its name, gives you access to some familiar faces.

Expansion Pass Content Edelgard Emblem

Emblem Edelgard can be claimed with little fuss after reaching Chapter 6 in the main story, just return to the Somniel and head to Lookout Ridge. After a scene you’ll have a new Emblem featuring the three potential deuteragonists from Fire Emblem Three Houses. This Emblem and its functionality are covered in greater detail on the page How to Get the Edelgard Emblem in Fire Emblem Engage.

Expansion Pass Content Tiki Emblem

You’ll unlock access to "Tiki" iconTiki’s Emblem after you clear Chapter 7 in the main story and complete the Paralogue: Bandit’s Hideout, which will allow you to travel to the Divine Temple, where you can attempt to clear Tiki’s Divine Paralogue battle. The enemies in this map will scale to roughly your roster’s average level, and winning can be quite tricky. If you do, however, you’ll obtain Tiki’s Emblem. This battle is covered in more detail on the page How to Get Tiki’s Emblem - Dragon Temple Walkthrough.

If you have the Expansion !Pass, you’ll be rewarded with a variety of stat-boosting items.

Expansion Pass Bonus 1 - Stat-Boosting Items

You’ll obtain the Expansion Pass Bonus 1 stat-boosting item pack when you reach the Somniel at the end of Chapter 4. This includes the following items:

  • "Seraph Robe" iconSeraph Robe (+5 HP)
  • Energy Drop (+2 STR)
  • Spirit Dust (+2 MAG)
  • Secret Book (+2 DEX)
  • Speedwing (+2 SPD)
  • Goddess Icon (+2 LCK)
  • Dracoshield (+2 DEF)
  • Talisman (+2 RES)
  • "Boots" iconBoots (+1 MOV)

An array of items to boost all of your stats, it’s a nice boon, especially when RNG is unkind to a character, but with enough grinding you’ll do fine without them, and even if you beeline the main story, you shouldn’t need any artificial stat boosts. It’s a welcome crutch, but not necessary.

The Expansion !Pass will grant you some accessories you can cane use to play dress up with.

Expansion Pass Bonus 1 - Accessories

Finally, after you acquire access to the Boutique you can talk to proprietor on the Somniel to gain several accessories exclusive to the Expansion Pass, including:

  • Rare Set
  • Frilled Band
  • Big Ribbon
  • Single Earring
  • Round Specs

These are all just cosmetic items you can equip on your characters on the Somniel, should you get the desire to play dress up.

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