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Fire Emblem Engage

Where to Acquire Ingredients For Dishes

Jessica Dillon

In order to make dishes and bond with allies in Fire Emblem Engage, you will need to gather ingredients. While some types of food will just be sitting around out in the open, others you will need to adopt animals for. If you don’t have these ingredients, then you’re going to have a hard time making everyone’s favorite dishes at the cafe. The guide below goes over where to get every food item in Fire Emblem Engage.

Inside of the Somniel Orchard in !Fire Emblem Engage.

All Dish Ingredients in Fire Emblem Engage

There are three primary ways to get ingredients. The first is by finding them in Somniel, the second is by having animals in your Somniel Farmyard, and the third is by picking them up on maps. When you look at each area on the map, you will be able to see what food items you can pick up. In addition, sometimes ingredients will have their rate boosted so that you can gather more of that item than normal.

Ingredient Where to Get
"Apple" iconApple Somniel Orchard
"Beans" iconBeans Panna Camel, Brodia Castle, Bandit’s Hideout
"Beef" iconBeef Aura Eagle
"Berries" iconBerries Iris Owl, White Hop Rabbit
"Cabbage" iconCabbage Somniel Garden
"Carp" iconCarp Fishing, Firenese Cat
"Chicken" iconChicken Aura Eagle
"Cod" iconCod Northern Freecat, Elusian Cat
"Eel" iconEel Fishing, Solmic Cat
"Eggs" iconEggs Calisson Chicken, Firene Castle, Florra Mill Town
"Grapes" iconGrapes Somniel Orchard
"Herring" iconHerring Fishing, Brodian Cat
"Milk" iconMilk Elyosian Sheep
"Minced Fish" iconMinced Fish Fishing
"Nuts" iconNuts Elyosian Pigeon, Elyosian Seagull, The Lythos Grasslands, The Grand Crossing
"Onion" iconOnion Somniel Garden
"Orange" iconOrange Somniel Orchard, Florra Mill Town, Tea-Field Village
"Peach" iconPeach Somniel Orchard
"Pork" iconPork Aura Eagle
"Potato" iconPotato Firene Castle, Fort on The Border, Tea-Field Village
"Rare Fish" iconRare Fish Fishing, Tartu Flamingo
"Rare Fruit" iconRare Fruit Rutile Marmot, Florra Mill Town, Fort on The Border
"Rare Vegetable" iconRare Vegetable Vervain Deer, Mère Donkey
"Rice" iconRice Panna Camel, The Grand Crossing, Tea-Field Village
"Salmon" iconSalmon Fishing, Southern Freecat, Eastern Freecat
"Sardines" iconSardines Fishing, Western Freecat
"Spices" iconSpices Panna Camel
"Tomato" iconTomato Iris Owl, Florra Mill Town
"Wheat Flour" iconWheat Flour Panna Camel, Brodia Castle, Tea-Field Village, Somniel
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