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Chapter 16 - Seaside Travels

Jessica Dillon

Chapter 16 is among the most difficult stages in Fire Emblem Engage. This is due to the tidal mechanic of the stage, plus the distribution of a new powerful type of enemy. If you don’t use a guide, you will most likely find yourself using your Time Crystal to retry movements again and again. The guide below goes over how to deal with the dragons, get the "Recover" iconRecover staff, and make it out of Seaside Travels without losing any of your units to an unlucky situation.

How to Reach Seaside Travels

Once you complete chapter 15, Dancer in The Ruins, you can begin Seaside Travels. Before you start this level, though, make sure to stock up on items for Somniel, as it’s one of the harder levels in the game. You may also want to level any flying units you have, as they are especially useful here.

Chapter 16 - Seaside Travels Walkthrough

You will receive two new units for this battle, "Goldmary" iconGoldmary and "Rosado" iconRosado. "Rosado" iconRosado will also come with a new Emblem, Eirika. This is a unique stage that is centered around the rising tides of the ocean. There are several darker patches of land where the tide will rise every other turn, greatly impeding your movement and segmenting off the entire map. In addition, you will finally have to face the powerful dragon enemies here, and new soldiers will periodically join the battle.

The first part of tackling this battle is understanding the tide. Every two turns the water level will change. If you have a flier, like "Ivy" iconIvy, "Rosado" iconRosado, or "Chloé" iconChloé, you can still move freely around the map. Now depending if you want to get the "Recover" iconRecover staff or not, this battle can be a bit easier or a bit harder. This guide will walk you through how to get the "Recover" iconRecover staff. If you wish to go the easy route though, then simply defeat the first dragon and move your army through the southern portion of the map.

Changing tidal levels in Chapter 16 of Fire Emblem Engage.

The first thing you want to do is select "Rosado" iconRosado and fuse her with Eirika. Doing this will immediately allow you to take down the first dragon. Once this is done, begin heading north, taking out any enemies in your way. You can also send a unit south to deal with Marni and "Mauvier" iconMauvier. You will want to take "Rosado" iconRosado with you in the northern group as there is another dragon to deal with. Cut through the enemies and interact with the house; it’s here that you will get the "Recover" iconRecover staff. Once this is done, begin heading south to reunite with your southern army and take on Marni and "Mauvier" iconMauvier.

Be aware that the forts around the map will almost all spawn two enemies each, so be ready for reinforcements to pop up while you’re making your way around the map. Once you reach Marni and "Mauvier" iconMauvier, take out the "Martial Master" iconMartial Masters first so that they won’t heal. Once this is done, you can quickly take out Marni and then "Mauvier" iconMauvier.

All Treasure in Seaside Travels

There is only one item you need to go out of your way to collect in Chapter 16. This is the "Recover" iconRecover staff. Keep in mind that if the enemy unit reaches the house, you will lose the ability to get "Recover" iconRecover.

Item Location
"Recover" iconRecover Northern House
Master Seal Marni
Spirit Dust "Mauvier" iconMauvier


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