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Best Corrin Emblem Skills and Pairings

Ben Chard

The best "Corrin" iconCorrin Emblem skills and pairings are here in this very page. With her heavy focus on HP, "Corrin" iconCorrin is an excellent Emblem to Sync to some of your melee units and especially Dragon units. She’s known as the Emblem of Fates and has type bonuses with most melee classes. This page will tell you everything you need to know about her.

You will obtain "Corrin" iconCorrin in Chapter 15.

Corrin Emblem Basic Stats and Background

Engage Attack Engage Skill Usable Weapons
"Torrential Roar" iconTorrential Roar "Dreadful Aura" iconDreadful Aura, Foe Engage Attack Damage/2 "Dual Katana" iconDual Katana, "Wakizashi" iconWakizashi, "Yato" iconYato

"Corrin" iconCorrin is from Fire Emblem: Fates that released back on the Nintendo 3DS, in three different versions, Birthright, Conquest, and Revelations. You’ll have to wait until Chapter 15 to obtain this Emblem Ring, where you will obtain it alongside "Seadall" iconSeadall after speaking to him with "Alear" iconAlear.

Her "Torrential Roar" iconTorrential Roar Engage Attack is a strong attack that will strike the three spaces in front of her while turning them to water terrain after. Her Engage Skill, "Dreadful Aura" iconDreadful Aura, will prevent your target and any nearby units from moving for one turn if you initiate combat.

Corrin’s Playstyle

"Corrin" iconCorrin’s playstyle requires a lot more work than others, but once you get it right, she’s arguably one of the strongest Emblems with the list of different tactical options Dragon Vein brings to the table. "Torrential Roar" iconTorrential Roar is an average Engage Attacks and is definitely not the focus of "Corrin" iconCorrin as an Emblem. The damage is fine, and you will hit more than one target but it’s not the reason you choose to pair with her.

"Dreadful Aura" iconDreadful Aura, on the other hand, is a very good Engage Skill that can prevent a group of enemies reaching the rest of your team, although you’ll want "Corrin" iconCorrin on someone who is sturdy enough to get into the thick of the action. Dragon Vein, however, is the main reason for "Corrin" iconCorrin as it’ll allow you access to tactical options based on what Class type you pair her with. Better yet, pair her with a Dragon and you can choose from any of them that will let you really control the battlefield.

"Dual Katana" iconDual Katana, the Emblem weapon that "Corrin" iconCorrin starts with is an excellent sword that flips the triangle on its head, being effective against Lances but not Axes. The "Wakizashi" iconWakizashi gives "Corrin" iconCorrin a bit of range, allow you to attack at a distance, while her final weapon, "Yato" iconYato, is just an outright strong sword.

Best Corrin Emblem Skills to Inherit

As with most Emblems, their stat skills are always useful, but they’re expensive and your slots are limited, even if more HP is helpful. "Draconic Hex" iconDraconic Hex (at Level 8) is the clear winner out of all her inheritable skills, this will inflict a debuff to your target’s stats by 4 when initiating battle. Her "Quality Time" iconQuality Time skills (at Levels 3 and 18) are a useful support skill that recovers HP of nearby units and increases their Support, helpful, but not enough for your precious slots.

"Pair Up" iconPair Up, however, is another interesting skill to consider learning and slotting. This will prevent all Chain Attacks against the Unit and can be incredibly helpful in certain battles or on one of your tanks.

(1 of 2) Dragon Vein is the main draw to the "Corrin" iconCorrin Emblem

Dragon Vein is the main draw to the "Corrin" iconCorrin Emblem (left), you will be able to do things such as conjure blocks of ice to stop the enemy. (right)

Best Corrin Emblem Pairings

You want to pair "Corrin" iconCorrin with units that will make the best use of her tactical options she offers. That means you want a Dragon unit, of which there are only two (and one comes late game) or a unit that doesn’t have as much use in battle and can be used to purely control the battlefield.

As mentioned, pairing "Corrin" iconCorrin with a Dragon unit lets you choose which version of Dragon Vein you want, and for the most part, that means you’ll want it on "Alear" iconAlear. The issue here, is "Alear" iconAlear is perfect for pairing of a lot of Emblem, so you’re going to have to make a call on if you want it on her.

The alternative is "Veyle" iconVeyle, who joins very late in the game but is the only other Dragon unit. Interestingly, you’ll get the "Marth" iconMarth Emblem back at the same time and may wish to give that back to "Alear" iconAlear, freeing up "Corrin" iconCorrin for "Veyle" iconVeyle.

Finally, if for some reason your "Yunaka" iconYunaka isn’t using an Emblem like "Lyn" iconLyn, consider "Corrin" iconCorrin for her as she can get around the battlefield easily and has high AVO so she can really mess with the enemies as she comes across them, making life easier for the rest of your team.


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